Eureka5 Prague: They come from far and wide

Plenty of events the world over can claim to attract a cosmopolitan field. Whether you're in the Americas, Asia or the European Union (and whether you're in NATO, Schengen, the U.N. or anywhere), the porous borders of the poker world encourage floods of migrants this way and that.

However, the Eureka Poker Tour grand final, held annually in Prague, takes all of that to another level. We are very close to the geographical centre of Europe here in the Czech Republic, while the extent of the poker festival held here attracts players with deeper pockets from across the globe.

It means that for two weeks every December, the Czech Republic really does become the focus of the global poker industry, a fact represented most efficiently in the nationality pie-chart from the Eureka main event.

As you can see, there are 68 countries represented in this tournament, drawn from six of the world's seven continents. (When will Antarctica ever pull its socks up?)


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There are more German players than any other nation: 164. But that still constitutes only 9 percent of the total field. The host nation provides 5 percent, while the "Others" category is the biggest. Sixteen percent of total players come from countries sending only about six or seven players each.

Click the diagram below to see the full breakdown.

Tournament info:

- Ari Engel has assumed the chip lead of the event, with around 410,000.
- There are around 350 players left
- Recent eliminations include: Konstantin Puchkov, Roberto Romanello, David Vamplew, Kimmo Kurko, Frederik Jensen and Eoghan O'Dea.
- Marc Convey is still in.

Howard Swains
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