Familiar names return to the top of Yearly TLB

Two months in and there's already drama at the top of the Tournament Leader Board. It's amazing what changes in a few numbers on a spreadsheet will do to illicit excitement. Not to mention a username.

Combining both of those this month is ismo<3seppo who shot back up into first place on the TLB following a string of successes, including two wins. The first in a $8.80 event with 795 runners, and the second in a $5.10 event with 1,475 runners: small buy-ins with potentially big rewards.


You might now be thinking, hang on ismo<3seppo? I recognise that name. And you'd be right. In reaching top spot ismo<3seppo was merely returning to the position he finished in at the end of 2014, the defending Yearly champ just playing to type, and getting his points advantage in early.

But when one player reaches top spot someone else has to make way. This month it was Lammas111 who was number one in January but whom now drops down to eighth position.

Here's how the top ten look at the end of February 2015.

(January position)

1. ismo<3seppo (Finland) 24,617.40 (5th)
2. markovitsus (Estonia) 23,206.91 (3rd)
3. greerzy_2 (Canada) 23,161.69
4. Sifosis (Denmark) 22,658.53 (2nd)
5. staszeq (Poland) 22,263.77
6. Aguskb (Macau) 21,954.76
7. Civell (Belgium) 21,823.30
8. lammas111 (Estonia) 21,478.22 (1st)
9. gsr1703 (Brazil) 21,322.94
10. iWasDjWtf (Portugal) 20,960.11

It makes for a diverse range of nationalities, with nine countries represented in the top ten. Find out how you can make your own bid for Yearly TLB glory, $35,000 in cash and a year's supply of Sunday Million tickets, on the Tournament Leader Board homepage, with details about how to earn points, and of the current standings in all categories.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.