Final Table set for King's Cup Main Event

Eight players bagged their chips after Day 2 of the King's Cup Main Event to set the Final Table. Seven countries will be represented tomorrow with a Dutch flag waving on top of the chip counts as Danny van der Meer emerged as a leader with 2,770,000 chips. Belgium's Pascal Masset follows in second place, bagging 2,435,000. Jindrich Springl is the only player representing the home country, the Czech is currently sitting in third place with 2,020,000.

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Danny van der Meer

There were two attempts to make a deal tonight. First came when the tournament was down to 16 players. After a redraw, players discussed a huge 16-way chop but three of them were against the proposed numbers. Another discussions were just after the last redraw, when the final nine sat down to the unofficial final table. However, one player turned the offer down.

After Tim Jurgawka's departure, the final eight bagged the chips and called it a day. They will come back tomorrow at 2pm to play for the title and a €38,600 first prize. All finalists are guaranteed €4,420 payday.

Subject to a cards-up live stream on the King's Casino website, all live updates will be delayed by an hour. You can follow all the action on the German PokerStars blog from 3pm. King's Cup Main Event Final Table:

Seat 1: Boris Tapelzon, Russia, 495,000
Seat 2: Danny van der Meer, Netherlands, 2,770,000
Seat 3: Karol Radomski, Poland, 1,085,000
Seat 4: Christian Handschuh, Germany, PokerStars qualifier, 815,000
Seat 5: Jindrich Springl, Czech Republic, 2,020,000
Seat 6: Tomas Steponkus, Lithuania, 1,955,000
Seat 7: Ahmad Achegsei, Germany, 560,000
Seat 8: Pascal Masset, Belgium, 2,435,000

Prior to start of Day 2, the remaining flight 1d got under way at 11am. Slovakia's Milan Lakatos emerging as a chip leader with 230,700 chips. Day 1d generated 194 entries to bring the total King's Cup Main Event field to 493 entries (including eight no-shows). The €200,000 guaranteed prize pool was divided between 71 players. Tomorrow's champion will take home €38,600 along with the title and a silver trophy.

LAPT Panama runner-up Olga Iermolcheva (48th) and EPT6 Deauville High Roller champ Martin Kabrhel (50th) were among those who cashed tonight, both taking €860.

PokerStars Kings Cup 2_11Olga Iermolcheva  DSC_7129.jpg

Olga Iermolcheva

Overall, 327 unique players from 28 countries attended the King's Cup Main Event. As expected, Germans covered the better part of the field with 166 participants (51%) while the Czech Republic was second with 42 players (13%). The home country was followed by Poland (28, 8%).

Robin Scherr
@PokerStars in News