"First is good enough": Keep2p34Ch" on his Super Tuesday win


Keep2p34Ch" has huge plans for the money he won in the Super Tuesday a few weeks ago. He's heading to EPT Barcelona, buying straight into the €50K High Roller, and mounting a heroic campaign to win a million or go broke.

Actually, he was kidding about the high roller. The $81K he won will probably go towards an apartment in his home town Marrakech. But he will be going to Barcelona, for what will be his first EPT.

It represents a big turnaround for the 26 year old, who admitted to going broke back in February 2014. But it might have proven a blessing in disguise for the Moroccan, who immediately set about rebuilding. Recent performances have shown just how well that effort has worked, not least a final table at the WPT national in Marrakech.

"That gave me a lot of confidence to make a (Super Tuesday) final table," he said. "Obviously winning the Super Tuesday with a star of poker and a Norwegian pro was awesome! I didn't sleep for two days because I was so excited."

Keep2p34Ch"'s Super Tuesday win was not easy. He defeated Steve O'Dwyer, Norwegian pro plebz, Ben Willinofsky and Paul Allen (among others) at the final table, an achievement that kept him awake with excitement for about two days.

"My only goal at the final table was to play good and make good decisions," he said, pointing at other recent results as being good practice. "I think this experience of big final tables helped me to stay focused and play my poker."

Keep2p34Ch" celebrated in the usual way, calling family and friends with the news.

"It was more than money," he said. "I was happy to finish first by beating all those great players. Poker is a competition and first place alone is good enough."

For now Keep2p34Ch" will pick up where he left off, putting the events of February 2014 behind him and working on that next final table. That could come sooner than we think. As he put it: "See you in Barcelona!"

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.

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