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Free Bahamas trip for five on offer below...but read this first.

Chances are, you're not sitting there thinking about your prostate. And why would you? There's a decent chance you haven't thought about your prostate in...well, forever.

That could be a mistake.

Just ask David. He's a PR manager from Surrey with a wife and two daughters. Four years ago, having experienced no symptoms whatsoever, he heard three words that changed his life:

"You have cancer."


David, an otherwise healthy and active man, was fortunate his doctors caught his cancer quickly.

"I was very lucky, but it was a close call," David said. "For many men whose cancer is more advanced, the outlook can be much bleaker. That's why I know just how important it is that as many people as possible get behind the cause to raise funds for research so that in the future every man who is diagnosed with the disease can have the treatment they need to kick it in to touch."

For every David, there are thousands of men who are paying zero attention to their health. That happens for a lot of reason: lack of education, embarrassment, and general reluctance to pay attention to hidden health issues.

Okay. You don't want to listen to me or David? Fine. Listen to Liv Boeree.

Okay, so you came here to learn about a free trip to the Bahamas for you and five or your friends and not prostates?

Well, here's how you do both. Go to this website (gotcha! It's about prostate cancer!), and you can enter a raffle for £100 to win a free prize package to go the Bahamas.

If you win, you'll get this:

* 5 roundtrip flights (winner and four friends) from any main UK international airport to the Bahamas for the period 6 - 14 January 2016

*7-day stay at the Atlantis Resort, Nassau, Bahamas in a standard room in either the Coral or Royal towers

*Transfers to and from the resort to the airport

*$1,000 room credit per person which can only be used within the resort to cover food and drink

*A poker lesson for all five of you

*A poker game for all five of you led by a professional dealer

So, now that we have your attention, you should know that this Friday, September 25, is Lads Night In. All over the UK, there will be home games in which people are donating their pots to Prostate Cancer UK. Jake Cody has rounded up his friends (including a new friend who won an online contest), and is hosting a game of his own. Meanwhile, there will be special invitation-only events at London's Hippodrome and on the Isle of Man.

So, donate now, and have your own special Lads Night in this Friday. Your donation could earn you a trip to the Bahamas, and maybe even save someone's life.

Visit Lads Night In for more.

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