Head to the Hippodrome for the UKIPT Series

hippodrome_ukipt_series_28may15.jpgSir... your blinds please Sir... Sir

I've said it before, but I tend to believe that the most important poker tournament in the world is not necessarily the one with the enormous buy-in at some luxury resort around the world, it's the event you're about to play in yourself. Whether it's a high roller or a step one satellite for a few FPPs, if you're in it, you're in it to win it.

With that in mind let me tell you about the latest UKIPT Series, which kicks off at the Hippodrome in London this weekend, one of the game's most elegant casinos, and situated in London's Leicester Square.

If you've never been to the Hippodrome it's worth the trip. It's the kind of place in which you'll stare at things open mouthed for a while thinking, "this is one heck of a place for a card room," before someone reminds you it's your turn to act. Then you're jolted back from looking out from the ornate balcony -- beneath chandeliers and above the gaming floor -- to the action taking place in front of you.

It promises to be some pretty good action too.

It kicks off in earnest tomorrow with Day 1A if the UKIPT Series. Play starts at 2pm with a buy in of £250+£25 and a starting stack of 20,000, with 30 minute levels: plenty to get creative with. That's followed by Day 1B on Saturday with the same start time. It's then all wrapped up on Day 2 on Sunday, which, for those remaining, gets under way at 12 noon.

But you don't have to wait until tomorrow to take a seat. Tonight you can win your way into the Main Event in a special UKIPT Series LIVE satellite, starting at 7.30pm this evening in the Hippodrome. It costs £35+£5 to play, with a single rebuy and add-on available to those wishing to take up that offer. Starting stacks are 5,000 with 20 minute levels. It could prove the perfect way to get a head start on the weekend.

Here's how that schedule looks in full.

May 28 - Thursday
19.30 UKIPT Series Satellite 1 re-buy/1 add-on: £35+£5 (5,000 chips, 20 minute levels)

May 29 - Friday
14.00 UKIPT Series Day 1A: £250+£25 (20,000 chips, 30 minute levels)

May 30 - Saturday
14.00 UKIPT Series Day 1B: £250+£25 (20,000 chips, 30 minute levels)

May 31 - Sunday
12.00 UKIPT Series Day 2

For more details about the UKIPT Series check out the Tour's homepage which will also provide you with details of how to find the Hippodrome. You can also find dates of all the other events planned for later this year. Who knows, one of them might just turn out to be the most important tournament you've ever played, if you know what I mean.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.