How to improve your Spin & Go strategy with Team Online's Andre Coimbra

At the EPT Malta festival last week an interesting side event took place, small enough not to make the official list of events, but big enough to get more than a little attention from passers-by.

In the year since they began the Spin & Go concept has been hugely successful on PokerStars, with millions of dollars in prizes awarded in one of the most exciting concepts in the game, with six winners last week alone during the anniversary celebrations.

But it had never before been tried live, until Malta.

And so a special Spin & Go table was set up with, you've guessed it, an actual wheel to spin. Three players at a time, trying to contain their excitement, watched as the wheel slowed down to settle on the prize they would be playing for. For the most part it was €100 (the buy in was €50). But every so often the red €400 marker would be hit. Then one day it seemed every third spin inched around to settle on the €1,000 maximum.


Fun, popular and profitable as they are though, there's more to these contests than getting lucky on the spin. Take that away and you have a three-way sit and go, with a top heavy pay out, and little room for error. It's enough to make you wonder: What is the best strategy?

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Well, if you were thinking this then your timing couldn't be better.

Coming up this Friday, November 6 at 20.00 GMT, in the latest Twitch show from PokerStars Team Online, Andre Coimbra will be talking about just that.

andre_coimbra_teamonline_4nov15.jpgAndre Coimbra

Coimbra, an experienced online sit & go player, will be hosting a live training session, with a lucky PSO member, focusing on Spin & Go strategy, all of which coincides with the Spin & Go anniversary promotion which last week turned six players into millionaires.

Watching is easy. Simply tune in at and be ready with your spin (or sit) & go questions. If you have none, or don't know what to ask, you'll still learn a lot by watching Coimbra.

Who knows, what you pick up from him might even translate to great success in Spin & Go's. We still can't help with the spin.

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Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.
Stephen Bartley
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