Isle of Man to become Isle of Men?

You likely already know PokerStars calls the Isle of Man home. Now, PokerStars HQ will soon be sitting on the Isle of Men.

On September 25, PokerStars will join forces with Prostate Cancer UK for a special Lads Night In that will happen all over Great Britain and the Isle of Man. The effort promises lots of fun, but there is a greater purpose. Lads Night In is a bid to raise awareness and money to help beat prostate cancer. To mark the occasion, the Isle of Man will become Isle of Men for a day.

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Here's how it works: if you live in Great Britain, invite all your friends over on September 25 for a game of poker. However, instead of the winner taking the spoils, you will take all the money from the prize pool and donate it to Prostate Cancer UK.

While we feel confident there are a lot of people out there who would donate without any incentive, the organizers wanted to sweeten the pot a little bit. Everyone who registers at the Lads Night In website will get a free poker pack, including instructions, a deck of cards, and a dealer button.

But that's just the beginning. If you donate at least £100, you will be up for a huge prize.

People from across Great Britain will be able to enter a drawing for a trip for four to the Bahamas in January 2016. Each entry costs £100 and will pay for flights, hotel, and $1,000 for each person to spend on expenses.

That's not bad at all, huh?

The people of PokerStars and Prostate Cancer UK are serious about this effort. As part of the awareness campaign, more than a 100 people on the Isle of Man (including PokerStars staff) recently turned themselves into a human Prostate Cancer UK logo. It was a sight to behold.

Prostate Cancer UK Human Logo 1.jpg

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Finally, Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody will be hosting his own VIP Lads Night In home game in London. If you and your friends want to play with him tweet with #JCLadsNightIn or email and explain who your dream poker opponents are and why. The winner, along with four friends, will play a VIP home game in central London, with travel and hotel expenses included. Full details are here.

To make sure you understand everything in its entirety, head on over to the Lads Night In page for full details, terms, and conditions.

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