Jindrich Springl lifts PokerStars.net King's Cup, wins €22,920

The PokerStars.net King's Cup trophy will stay on the home soil as Jindrich Springl from a small town Unhost beat a 493-entry field to seize the title. Along with the silverware, the 26-year-old Czech scooped €22,920. All eight finalists agreed on a deal prior to the final table kick off with €6k left for the eventual winner and another €4k and €2k for the second and third place finishers.

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Jindrich Springl

The newly crowned champion was dealt pocket aces several times on the final table and the card distribution paid off with Sprigl's career's best result.

After beating Danny van der Meer heads-up, Springl succeeded Philipp Harmann on the PokerStars.net King's Cup Main Event throne. The Dutsch runner-up collected €25,659, the biggest cash among the participants. Van der Meer entered the final table as a chip leader and secured €21,659 thank to the 8-way chop. Eventually, he added another €4k for the second place.

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PokerStars qualifier Christian Handschuh finished seventh, being the last German standing. He faced 165 compatriots in the tournament, making Germany the most represented country in the PokerStars King's Cup, covering more than half of the field.

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Christian Handschuh

The PokerStars.net King's Cup Main Event attracted 493-entry field, created by 327 unique players. 71 players shared pieces of the €200,000 guaranteed prize pool.

PokerStars.net King's Cup Main Event Final Table results:

1st - Jindrich Springl, Czech Republic, €22,920
2nd - Danny van der Meer, Netherlands, €25,659
3rd - Pascal Masset, Belgium, €21,443
4th - Karol Radomski, Poland, €11,674
5th - Tomas Steponkus, Lithuania, €16,510
6th - Boris Tapelzon, Russia, €7,287
7th - Christian Handschuh, Germany, PokerStars qualifier, €10,069
8th - Ahmad Achegsei, Germany, €8,458

Robin Scherr
@PokerStars in News