Latest numbers from the Tournament Leader Board

Somewhere in PokerStars HQ there's apparently a room where eager young men and women add up numbers all day, working complex algorithms while pouring through an almost endless stream of online tournament results. They're allowed out -- it's not like we lock them in there or anything -- but they don't leave until they come up with the answers to one thing: who's topping the tournament leader board?

trophy_9april15.jpgNot THE TLB trophy, but a trophy nonetheless

Well they've emerged, blinking, to slam the results onto our desk with considerable riddance. But their work is good, for we now have the latest figures in the race to become TLB winner for 2015.

Before we get to the exact figures, a few points of interest to look out for:

First, the defending 2014 champion ismo<3sepppo won 12 tournaments in March, which keeps helps him consolidate his current first place position, and extend his lead to more than 5,000 points.

Second, there are three new entries to the top ten, with MARCIN123 (last weekend's Sunday Million winner) in seventh, Xodd in sixth and FireFaux in second.

Finally, FireFaux jumps from outside the top ten into second place with three key wins: first place in a $33 NL Hold'em event, with a $5,000 guarantee and 258 runners. He also won a $44 $16,000 guaranteed MTT with 586 runners, as well as a $13.50 Knockout $12,000 guaranteed event with 2,129 runners.

So here's how the monthly numbers look:

new_ylb_april15.jpgClick to enlarge

So thanks again to the guys whose locked room we can never seem to find around here. Go get some rest, and some Vitamin D.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.