Looking forward to a good Weekend(er)


It's Friday again, and memories of what could have been once more turn to thoughts of what might be. The weekend is upon us, with a full slate of Sunday Majors, albeit with a "plus one". We'll get to that. First a look back on the week.

In some ways it looked a lot like the week before. It started with a big winner in Magarden, who took down the Sunday Million, followed a few days later by another, this time in the form of Chris Brammer who once again displayed a big talent for winning big (see previous win in SCOOP). Brammer is always calm and quiet in a live event. I like to think he jumps out of his chair and "whoops" when he wins online.

Moving on. There was action in the live poker world at both ends of the planet.

First in Manila, where Aaron Lim was making history, becoming the first player to win two APPT titles. Meanwhile Pierrick Tallon was concluding a great week for Belgian poker, winning the UKIPT Bristol Main Event (Bart Lybaert won FPS Lille the week before).

But what about that plus one we mentioned earlier? It comes in the form of a new addition to the weekend Majors, the emphasis on "Weekend".

The Weekender is our first regular two day tournament, a weekly event that starts every Saturday and finishes every Sunday. It's designed to give players a chance to win big without paying for it the following morning, usually in the very early hours. Instead players who reach day two can get some rest before tackling the business end of the tournament, one which has a buy in of $530 and a guaranteed $100,000 in the middle.

Check out the details, including the player friendly structure, here.

Now we look ahead to the weekend for next week's talking points. Good luck to everyone at the tables this weekend. See you on the other side.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.

Stephen Bartley
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