Man takes minutes to become mobile millionaire

So, you've got a few minutes before the laundry will be dry. Maybe you're killing some time while your dinner heats up. Maybe you're like Poland's "bladsonpoker" who logged on to his PokerStars Mobile app to play a $4.40 tournament and decided to have a go at a Spin & Go at the same time.

So, there he sat for just seven minutes and 18 seconds. There he sat playing that $5 Spin & Go. There he PokerStars' newest millionaire.

That's right, friends and virtual neighbors, your man from Poland just became the latest $1 million Spin & Go winner. He logged on, started a tournament at 7:39pm in Poland, and 29 hands later, he had $1 million in his account. Do the math. That's more than $34,000 earned per hand. Not a bad return on the time investment.

Part of PokerStars' on-going PokerStars Makes Millionaires promo, the $5 Spin & Go tourneys all have a chance to turn into $1 million jackpot games. It's only been five days since Russia's CcccpVodka did the very same thing.


Today's winner took on Norway's "hooomlesnurr" and China's "ROliver ceo." Both of those players banked $100,000.

Though it took 29 hands to finish, it was basically over after hand 26 when bladsonpoker picked up a king-high flush and beat out hooomlesnurr's straight.

Oh, and get this: bladsonpoker was still in a $4.40 tournament after winning the million. He kept playing for another hour and a half before busting out.

Want to learn how you can become PokerStars' next seven-figure winner? The PokerStars Makes Millionaires promo continues for another month.

Congratulations to bladsonpoker.

Wonder what he's going to do with the other 1,432 minutes in his day?

Want to see it happen? Jaime Staples streamed it live!

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