Monster Pot Report: All the week's biggest Play Money hands

After two weeks of crazy action at the highest of stakes, things calmed down a little at the Play Money nosebleed tables. Although there were no Goliath pots to report, there were still 15 hands that witnessed pots of 2B or more.

The top spot for the week went to the incumbent all-time leader 'viziato1991' from Italy, with a pot of 2.95B chips. The hand took place heads-up at the 2.5M/5M tables against 'Wenb0' from Taiwan. It all started with an innocuous min-raise from our Italian hero who was holding 2c 2d. 'Wenb0', armed with Qh Th, obliged with a straightforward call.


The flop brought a mischievous Qc 2h 8h and the war of the raises commenced. 'viziato1991' led out for a pot sized 20M chips, 'Wenb0' made it 65M, 'viziato1991' made it 214M, 'Wenb0' made it 661M, finally 'viziato1991' moved all in for 1.46B - 'Wenb0' called. The turn gaveth the flush with the Kh, but the river tooketh away with the 8s to complete the full house.

The next biggest hand for the week, and the most sizeable at the 5M/10M stake, was another contribution from 'viziato1991' - who again got the better 'Wenb0'. Taking place three days after their previous clash, 'Wenb0' ran a convincing and expensive bluff on his opponent. Unfortunately for him the Italian had flopped three of a kind and was able to call him down. The total damage amounted to 2.72B chips.

It wasn't all big wins for 'viziato1991' though - as the third biggest hand of the week saw the tables turned. It was another Taiwanese 'Cloud_Hsieh' that served up some revenge for his countryman. A sneakily played flopped set allowed the Italian to catch two pair on the turn. A swift check raise later and the players were all-in for a pot of 2.57B chips. There was no miracle river and a portion of the chips made their way back across the Taiwan Strait.

Honourable mentions this week for being part of the 2B club include 'Kleppr', 'hippie ibiza', 'contra paras', 'LucKeeBalls' and 'Wenb0', who wasn't always on the wrong side of the big pots.

Slipping down to 1M/2M we find a new name at the top of the pile. 'Sampey1975' from Italy decided to speculate with Td 9h in a six-handed NLHE game featuring many of the names already mentioned in this report. The flop brought two more tens and a large clash ensued with a spade flush draw/over cards combo. The turn and river brought clubs so the connectors held up. The unlucky loser? 'Wenb0' again.

At 500K/1M it was another NLHE hand atop the pile, completing a rare sweep for the two-card variant. It was another Monster Pot Report debutant 'Swan523' that took the honours, when he flopped top set with his pocket tens. Two opponents stepped up for the carnage, one holding pocket kings and the other a lower flopped set. By the turn everyone was all in and a blank on the river sealed the 448M chip deal.

Here are the top 10 hands of all time as recorded by the Monster Pot Report:

6,471,540,000 viziato1991
5,212,320,000 Sabz.wp
4,911,500,000 viziato1991
4,801,520,000 Kleppr
4,557,320,000 Kleppr
4,327,600,000 viziato1991
4,222,160,000 FunBrunette
4,160,000,000 Money800 & Kleppr
4,145,580,000 Detcidda & chedi1
4,100,000,000 viziato1991

This week's biggest pots broken down by stakes were as follows:

5M/10M Stakes:

2,724,980,000 viziato1991
2,574,520,000 Cloud_Hsieh
2,492,540,000 Kleppr
2,135,600,000 viziato1991
2,118,800,000 hippie ibiza
2,089,200,000 Kleppr
2,050,000,000 viziato1991
2,020,000,000 viziato1991
2,010,000,000 Wenb0
2,000,000,000 Kleppr & viziato1991

2.5M/5M Stakes:

2,949,720,000 viziato1991
2,466,620,000 hippie ibiza
2,234,600,000 Wenb0 & viziato1991
2,025,920,000 contra paras & viziato1991
1,794,420,000 Cloud_Hsieh
1,734,780,000 viziato1991
1,723,980,000 Wenb0
1,571,960,000 LucKeeBalls
1,569,340,000 viziato1991
1,461,140,000 viziato1991

1M/2M Stakes:

1,191,000,000 Sampey1975
1,039,300,000 LucKeeBalls
952,800,000 ifishem
904,310,000 facethecat
870,500,000 4BetP
867,580,000 LucKeeBalls & Cloud_Hsieh
843,060,000 nixxxbg
819,580,000 viziato1991
788,920,000 Patntone
762,980,000 LETITRIDERS

500K/1M Stakes:

447,596,000 swan523
363,136,000 contra paras
359,622,000 Sundayzero00
350,342,000 godis81
328,690,000 firinci2009
324,246,000 Krug_Me_Up
323,996,000 Arsen_240386
318,812,000 ML309
318,425,000 MarkSpeed88
305,659,000 Sundayzero00

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