Monster Pot Report: All the week's biggest Play Money hands

First things first, congratulations to Team PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein for winning the inaugural Billionaire Club Championship. Barry took on a field of 30 other players in the first ever 1B chip entry tournament. He earned the title after defeating fellow pro Chris Moneymaker in an 89-hand heads-up finale. The first prize of 13.9B chips is the biggest single Play Money award in PokerStars history. Chris can console himself with the 9.3B chip second prize, which was sufficient to take him back to the top of the World Rankings.

Now to the ring game hands! After last week's Herculean pots this week's action seem tame, but we still had two 4B chip pots, which just a few weeks ago was unthinkable.

poker_chips_pile_1apr15.jpgWe're talking about a lot of chips here

The week's leader was America's Kleppr, who shipped a beastly 4.8B chip pot. It was a new personal best for the nosebleed stakes regular, but it wasn't quite enough to improve on his 4th placed standing on the all-time Monster Pots list. The win came courtesy of the aforementioned Chris Moneymaker in a heads-up game at the 10M/20M stakes.

Kleppr opened the action with a minimum raise whilst holding A♠5♣, and Chris played back making it 120M with J♦J♣. The bet was called and the flop brought our hero a mouth-watering 8♣5♥A♣. Chris decided to maintain his aggressive momentum and bet out for 115M. Kleppr decided not to wait around and popped it to 380M. Despite the warning signs Chris pushed back again, and in the blink of an eye both players were all in. The board ran out with no further help for either player so the chip mountain slid to the non-former WSOP Champion.

The second 4B chip pot took place between the same two players and was an unusual clash of reciprocal hands - Chris held 7♥8♠ and Kleppr had 7♠8♥. The flop must have seemed like a jackpot to both players, coming down T♣9♣6♠. All the chips went in, they turned their cards over then the chips went back where they came from, creating the most anti-climactic hand in the all-time top 10 (8th place).

At 5M/10M the honours for the week went to another American in the shape of LucKeeBalls. It was more heads-up action and this time it came down to a flush-over-flush encounter with viziato1991. LucKeeBalls held A♦3♦ for the top flush on a paired board which was good enough to secure a 2.76B haul.

Moving down another rung on the stake ladder, it was Kleppr again that took the top spot for 1.37B. In a clash with Wenb0 he managed to catch a set of jacks on the turn, then developed it into a full house on the river. His opponent had flopped a straight and wasn't going anywhere, so the final round of betting saw all the chips go in. It's one of those frustrating hands where you realise the only way you could have saved yourself from going broke was to have folded pre-flop.

At 1M/2M the leader just managed to sneak over the magic 1B chips mark. It was a particularly savage clash in a 6-Max game between the aces of Jayrod800 and the kings of Rose177. Both players were willing to pay 30M to see a flop containing a king, and a further 50M to see the 4s on the turn. At this point it got really expensive as Rose177 check raised it all-in for 420M chips. The river brought a deadly two outer for the aces and the chips went to Jayrod800. Even when the aces hold up it's still a bad beat.

Finally at the 500K/1M stakes it was a hand of No Limit Omaha that ranked highest. LETITRIDERS looked down to find double-suited baby connectors and decided to play it hard. Bleach 143 decided to give some action and a mischievous flop rewarded him with a low straight. However the tricksy board also gave LETITRIDERS a nut straight draw and a flush draw, so when the betting warmed up, no-one was backing down. All the chips went in before the turn and the flush duly completed with the very next card off the deck. A handsome 889 big blinds went to the man in block caps.

Here are the top 10 hands of all time as recorded by the Monster Pot Report:

6,471,540,000 viziato1991
5,212,320,000 Sabz.wp
4,911,500,000 viziato1991
4,801,520,000 Kleppr
4,557,320,000 Kleppr
4,327,600,000 viziato1991
4,222,160,000 FunBrunette
4,160,000,000 Money800 & Kleppr
4,145,580,000 Detcidda & chedi1
4,100,000,000 viziato1991

This week's biggest pots broken down by stakes were as follows:

10M/20M Stakes:

4,801,520,000 Kleppr
4,160,000,000 Money800 & Kleppr
2,400,000,000 viziato1991
1,467,320,000 Kleppr
1,200,000,000 Kleppr
1,160,000,000 Money800
1,109,980,000 Kleppr
1,095,120,000 Kleppr
1,040,000,000 Kleppr
980,000,000 Money800

5M/10M Stakes:

2,763,340,000 LucKeeBalls
2,688,480,000 viziato1991
2,589,200,000 Kleppr
2,518,900,000 Money800 & Kleppr
2,266,600,000 viziato1991
2,014,340,000 Kleppr
1,961,400,000 zvjerka1
1,869,920,000 viziato1991
1,573,680,000 Kleppr
1,546,100,000 zvjerka1 & domenico-i15

2.5M/5M Stakes:

1,374,940,000 Kleppr
1,243,080,000 Kleppr
1,218,840,000 canarinoross
1,194,000,000 Odin881
1,122,820,000 canarinoross
1,109,980,000 karacetha
1,065,000,000 BRBARKER
1,063,320,000 Kleppr
1,045,000,000 viziato1991
1,024,500,000 BRBARKER

1M/2M Stakes:

1,005,220,000 Jayrod800
946,000,000 gangch
890,320,000 Wenb0
861,110,000 555stud
855,940,000 POKER-OBIWAN
854,220,000 Wenb0
818,000,000 macleode1407
810,000,000 canarinoross
797,800,000 proton7789 & glaedr8
794,360,000 screen215

500K/1M Stakes:

891,798,000 LETITRIDERS
629,536,000 Sophia-8889
584,242,000 BusterBro321
545,262,000 Vitaliy_29 & 555stud
525,266,000 proton7789
524,914,000 proton7789
488,918,000 MYNUTZOUT & Lucky_Bet888
460,894,000 uhummwaa
427,046,000 13MaxCobra
423,836,000 yo dr crunk

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