Monster Pot Report: All the week's biggest Play Money hands

After a week of peaceful sanity, the nosebleed games were rudely awoken this week by the antics of two crazy titans of the Play Money tables. Records weren't just broken - they were obliterated.

And while it would be nice to tell you about an epic match of sophisticated deepstack poker, we can't - the titanic pots that follow were no more skilful than calling heads or tails. The protagonists were Cloud_Hsieh and viziato1991, and between them they managed to create the five biggest Play Money pots of all time.


The biggest one more than doubled the current record, weighing in at 14.8B chips. Here's how it went down...

viziato1991 moved all in with Jc Jh, Cloud_Hsieh called with A♥8♥, the board ran out 7♣4♥Q♥ (a nice flush draw sweat on the flop), turn 9♠, river 6♦. Then the biggest pile of chips ever seen on a PokerStars felt slid to the Italian. The next four biggest pots went like this:

• 'Cloud_Hsieh' (Ad 6c) Vs 'viziato1991' (As Js) - 'viziato1991' won 12.5B
• 'Cloud_Hsieh' (5h Ks) Vs 'viziato1991' (2h 6d) -'Cloud_Hsieh' won 10.3B
• 'Cloud_Hsieh' (As 2s) Vs 'viziato1991' (Ah Jh) - 'viziato1991' won 8.1B
• 'Cloud_Hsieh' (Ah Td) Vs 'viziato1991' (3d 6s) - 'viziato1991' won 7.9B

Almost interestingly (for all the conspiracy theorists out there), the worst hand won only once over those five hands. When the dust settled over the wreckage after some 80-odd hands viziato1991 had finished modestly ahead by a few billion. Surprisingly low profit margin given that more than 200B chips changed hands over the course of the session.

Meanwhile, down at the lower nosebleed stakes, some proper poker was taking place. At the 2.5M/5M game the honours went to last week's unlucky loser Wenb0, who experienced a change in fortunes in locking up a 2.05B chip pot.

The action began with a standard raise to 15M from the Taiwanese, glaedr8 came along for the ride, the small blind folded, then Mainga2511'made it 62.5M from the big blind. Both of his opponents were happy with the new price and made the call to see a flop of K♠8♠Q♥. Still smarting from the expense of the flop, everyone checked.

The turn brought the 6h and the hand came to life. Mainga2511 bet out for 50M, who, it should now be revealed, was holding Q♣Q♦ for second set. Wenb0, now feeling great about the set of sixes he'd just turned, raised it up to 290M chips. Player 3 got out of the way, Mainga2511 moved all-in and Wenb0 called.

The observant readers will know this can only end one way for Wenb0 to win. The river brought the remorseless 6♦ to complete the running quads and simultaneously destroy Mainga2511's faith in goodness and light. Perhaps the conspiracy theorists are onto something after all.

At 1M/2M shazam_joker takes the weekly crown thanks to a 1.38B chip score. In a six-handed game, the Brazilian manoeuvred low connectors into a well disguised wheel (a straight from A to 5) against a set of deuces for facethecat. The hand played out passively until the river, where the pot grew close to a hundredfold from a measly 14 blinds into 1,380 blind behemoth.

And finally to the 500K/1M games and another, more worthy, Monster Pot Report record. The hand was six-handed and was subject to an inconceivable six pre-flop raises, which saw three deepstacked players all-in. Ultimately it was the K♥K♠ of Dominic19851 that held up (seeing off A♥Q♥ and J♠9♥) and earned a pot just in excess of 2B chips - the biggest ever played at these stakes.

For the second week in a row there was no Omaha Monster Pot, as the bulk of the action is currently taking place at 250K/500K, which is just outside of the threshold for this review.

Here are the top 10 hands of all time as recorded by the Monster Pot Report:

11/04/2015 14,806,920,000 viziato1991
11/04/2015 12,531,880,000 viziato1991
11/04/2015 10,311,940,000 Cloud_Hsieh
11/04/2015 8,065,940,000 viziato1991
11/04/2015 7,940,000,000 viziato1991
20/03/2015 6,471,540,000 viziato1991
11/04/2015 5,548,060,000 Cloud_Hsieh
26/11/2014 5,212,320,000 Sabz.wp
20/03/2015 4,911,500,000 viziato1991
27/03/2015 4,801,520,000 Kleppr

This week's biggest pots broken down by stakes were as follows:

5M/10M Stakes:

14,806,920,000 viziato1991
12,531,880,000 viziato1991
10,311,940,000 Cloud_Hsieh
8,065,940,000 viziato1991
7,940,000,000 viziato1991
5,548,060,000 Cloud_Hsieh
4,449,500,000 viziato1991
4,209,100,000 viziato1991
4,192,660,000 viziato1991
4,060,000,000 Cloud_Hsieh

2.5M/5M Stakes:

2,053,000,000 Wenb0
1,596,500,000 Wenb0 & viziato1991
1,546,380,000 Wenb0
1,512,400,000 Wenb0
1,230,340,000 Wenb0
1,126,700,000 Wenb0
1,082,300,000 55RLW
1,078,940,000 Wenb0 & viziato1991
1,073,700,000 Wenb0
1,070,500,000 viziato1991

1M/2M Stakes:

1,383,520,000 shazam_joker
1,209,840,000 facethecat
1,026,940,000 Thoi Di May
972,200,000 Dash_Lane & Can'tBeatDum
955,780,000 Abbaddabba & rusu301
943,300,000 rountsov
928,260,000 Wenb0
924,800,000 anything_092
845,080,000 LETITRIDERS
833,000,000 facethecat

500K/1M Stakes:

2,007,268,000 dominic19851
849,000,000 dominic19851
811,988,000 dominic19851
536,924,000 glaedr8
513,000,000 mari.con.nes
494,122,000 roger201488
490,766,000 kenplv1
473,414,000 Fruits4Life
463,150,000 glaedr8
459,848,000 capace74

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