Monster Pot Report: All the week's biggest Play Money hands

Before we get started, a quick hat tip should go to Lucky_Bet888 from Sweden, who entered the fray of the Billionaire Club World Rankings at #1 this week. There were good weeks for the chasing pack as both uhjustmint and Dash_Lane crossed the 18 billion barrier, but both will have to work hard to reel in the leader who has a staggering 33,783,076,952 chips!

Now to business! After the maniacal exploits detailed in last week's Monster Pot Report, things returned to a more steady state of affairs this week.

The winner of the week's most monstrous pot was the reigning PlaySCOOP champion zvjerka1 from the USA. The hand took place at a 6-Max 10M/20M table that was stacked with the nosebleed games' biggest names.

Chris Money800 Moneymaker opened the action under the gun with a minimum raise holding J♦9♠. Three players folded, then viziato1991 (K♥Q♦) and zvjerka1 (8♥8♣) found calls in the blinds. The flop brought 7♠J♣4♦ to put the 2003 WSOP Champion in front.


zvjerka1 led out on the flop for 60M, Moneymaker called and the dangerous Italian folded. The board quickly rewarded the bettor for his aggression by delivering the 8♠ to make a well disguised set on the turn. zjerka1 led out again, this time for 120M, and Moneymaker found a raise to 260M which was calmly called.

The board now decided to forsake aggression and brought a potentially bankrupting J♥ to boost Moneymaker to a second best three-of-a-kind. Sensing he could extract some additional value, zvjerka1 opted to check - Moneymaker fell into the trap and bet 400M. zvjerka raised it to 1.28B and was then faced with a raise to 2.28B.

At this point greed was put to bed and he made the conservative call (both players still had chips). The cards were turned up and 5.31B chips went to the man with the pocket eights. Even after weeks of vertigo inducing play, the hand was sufficiently massive to register 8th on the all-time list.

The action at 5M/10M was fairly muted, with just a handful of pots big enough for inclusion here. They resulted from a clash in which viziato1991 got the better of compatriot YHD9JU7. The biggest pot in the all-Azzurri match was 1.48B chips.

Stepping down a notch to 2.5M/5M it was the same Italian again claiming the top spot. This time it was a nasty little 'straight Vs straight' encounter with NZEWQER. viziaot1991 flopped a seven-high straight and was lucky enough to be up against a five high straight - resulting in a 2.04B chip pay off.

The 1M/2M games provided a more competitive top-ranked hand, although the winner was another very familiar name. America's Kleppr held K♥K♦ against the A♠K♣ of Cloud_Hsieh and the board delivered an inescapable 5♣J♠K♠7♥5♥. It wasn't all glory and chip-stacking for Kleppr though, as n.leitner@ge the shortstack was all-in holding 5♦5♠ - quads was good for 43 per cent of the pot.

Finally, the king of the hill in the 500K/1M game was kdogg2377, who successfully cracked aces with K♣6♣. A flopped two pair did the trick and was worth a succulent 484M chips. Crisis Calls was the aptly named victim.

Here are the top 10 hands of all time as recorded by the Monster Pot Report:

11/04/2015 14,806,920,000 viziato1991
11/04/2015 12,531,880,000 viziato1991
11/04/2015 10,311,940,000 Cloud_Hsieh
11/04/2015 8,065,940,000 viziato1991
11/04/2015 7,940,000,000 viziato1991
20/03/2015 6,471,540,000 viziato1991
11/04/2015 5,548,060,000 Cloud_Hsieh
14/04/2015 5,320,000,000 zvjerka1
26/11/2014 5,212,320,000 Sabz.wp
20/03/2015 4,911,500,000 viziato1991

This week's biggest pots broken down by stakes were as follows:

10M/20M Stakes:

5,320,000,000 zvjerka1
4,421,200,000 viziato1991
4,189,600,000 LucKeeBalls
4,010,000,000 Wenb0
4,000,000,000 Money800
3,625,500,000 zvjerka1
3,514,700,000 Money800
3,157,800,000 Money800
2,576,320,000 viziato1991
2,329,920,000 Money800 & BRBARKER

5M/10M Stakes:

1,480,000,000 viziato1991
1,100,000,000 viziato1991
974,580,000 viziato1991
691,000,000 YHD9JU7
320,000,000 viziato1991

2.5M/5M Stakes:

2,045,500,000 viziato1991
1,752,640,000 haha_toiletp
1,723,320,000 Kleppr
1,652,840,000 LucKeeBalls
1,509,200,000 haha_toiletp
1,448,040,000 LucKeeBalls
1,446,520,000 NZEWQER
1,425,000,000 haha_toiletp
1,425,000,000 LucKeeBalls
1,387,000,000 Wenb0

1M/2M Stakes:

1,225,200,000 Kleppr
1,072,120,000 LucKeeBalls
968,860,000 Arsen_240386
919,500,000 n.leitner@ge
913,000,000 viziato1991
806,640,000 Cloud_Hsieh
804,900,000 viziato1991
796,080,000 gian yve
794,000,000 FunBrunette
786,360,000 2gd2b

500K/1M Stakes:

484,220,000 kdogg2377
454,120,000 Gforcebond
440,347,000 11prana11
420,730,000 Wenb0
420,296,000 Boopsana
419,856,000 honorato221 & MarkSpeed88
405,790,000 Lucky_Bet888
389,388,000 USBCG66
389,164,000 lima124
372,818,000 the.glutton1

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