Monster Pot Report: All the week's biggest Play Money hands

Welcome to the first monthly edition of the Monster Pot Report!

Since we last scoured the high stakes Play Money tables, no fewer than ten players have passed the magical 2B mark. It will come as no surprise to regular readers that viziato1991 led the way with 19 pots beyond that benchmark, but Wenb0 wasn't far behind on 12. The only other player to register more than two was a new name for this report, babajani28 from Israel, who managed five.

chip stacks_2jun15.jpg

The biggest single pot was a clash between our two most prolific Monster Pot participants, and clocked in at 6.16B chips (7th on the all-time list).

In the 10M/20M games Wenb0 and viziato1991 were heads-up and saw a flop for 240M chips apiece. Wenb0 was holding A♣T♦ and led out for a further 320M on a flop of 6♠3♥T♥, which viziato1991 mischievously called.

The turn brought the 5♠ and this time both players checked, leading straight into the J♠ on the river. Wenb0 checked again but this time viziato1991 was not feeling so charitable and duly moved all in for a further 2.5B chips. Holding second pair with top kicker on a largely unthreatening board, Wenb0 made the call. Viziato1991 was holding K♠J♣ for rivered top pair, good kicker.

The third biggest pot for the month (and top ranking hand at 5M/10M) saw a measure of revenge for Wenb0 against his regular foe, as flopped top pair (jacks) held up against a barrage of betting and raising from a lower pair. Even a big ace on the river scare card was not enough to shake him off, and he earned 4.26B for his tenacity.

The second biggest pot of the month went to another new name, TanousAbla from the UAE, who reeled in a 4.56B chip beauty. It was also earned playing heads-up, but this time against Canada's MoXpade. The players got it all in with T♦T♥ and Q♠J♠ respectively on an inescapable board of K♠T♣8♠. The turn brought ecstasy for MoxPade with the flush-making 7♠, only for the river to replace it with gut-wrenching misery with a full-house-making 8♥.

The biggest 2.5M/5M hand went to the aforementioned babajani28 but this time in a 6-Max game. The newcomer decided to speculate with 8♠7♠ and found himself in a clash with pocket tens and pocket aces, and walked into a dream flop of 8♦3♥8♥. The action heated up and the tens managed to wriggle away, but the aces were going nowhere. All the chips went in and there was to be no salvation as babajani28 scooped 3.23B chips.

Sliding down to 1M/2M it was another victory for suited connectors, as gregk1023 piloted Q♠J♠ to a king-high straight against the top two pairs of hippie Ibiza. The hand took place in a full 6-Max game tallied to 1.39B chips.

Finally, at the 500K/1M tables it was a hand of Pot Limit Omaha that provided the highlight. lucky ethi flopped a set of threes against the larger set of red7honey, but the river came to the rescue and improved the former to quads. With both unafraid of a flush, the betting got wild and they created a pot of 729M chips.

Come back again in July to see if viziato1991 can maintain a stranglehold on the nosebleed stakes as we'll recap on all the biggest action in June!

Here are the top ten hands of all time as recorded by the Monster Pot Report:


This week's biggest pots broken down by stakes were as follows:

10M/20M Stakes:

6,159,980,000 viziato1991
4,561,240,000 TanousAbla
4,084,760,000 viziato1991
4,060,000,000 viziato1991
4,060,000,000 Wenb0
4,000,000,000 viziato1991
3,940,000,000 viziato1991
3,460,000,000 viziato1991
2,920,000,000 viziato1991
2,600,000,000 viziato1991

5M/10M Stakes:

4,260,220,000 Wenb0
3,861,360,000 Wenb0
3,687,400,000 Wenb0
3,667,060,000 Wenb0
2,995,600,000 viziato1991
2,797,360,000 XIKITITA05
2,657,660,000 ToNy-No-LeaK
2,627,000,000 LucKeeBalls
2,569,620,000 viziato1991
2,557,920,000 babajani28

2.5M/5M Stakes:

3,225,540,000 babajani28
2,789,080,000 haha_toiletp
2,092,520,000 viziato1991
2,049,080,000 babajani28
2,024,280,000 rader711
1,914,440,000 Wenb0
1,882,500,000 rader711
1,784,160,000 Wenb0
1,769,080,000 Wenb0
1,686,420,000 Jayrod800

1M/2M Stakes:

1,385,340,000 gregk1023
1,241,030,000 TanousAbla
1,120,020,000 LucKeeBalls
1,101,040,000 Wenb0
1,051,960,000 JackAce6531
1,048,680,000 Sabz.wp
1,040,660,000 willrafuse
1,022,600,000 facethecat
1,001,310,000 aMoral27
926,060,000 viziato1991

500K/1M Stakes:

729,372,000 lucky ethi
718,667,000 skyr33
680,068,000 plcn
573,740,000 hardlucker
561,176,000 maniacs2014
554,679,000 badsociety86
536,306,000 badsociety86
534,560,000 Wenb0
532,998,000 Wenb0
502,904,000 HotT~BuTTonS

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