Monster Pot Report: Don't dump your chips!

It was a quiet week at the top stakes with just a handful of hands exceeding the 2B chip mark. Of those, two were found to be cases of chip dumping and the chips were subsequently confiscated. Let that be a lesson to others - keep your play clean or you could lose a LOT of chips!

Chips_25K High Roller_Day 1_2014 PCA_Giron_8JG9493.jpg

The top spot this week went to 'FunBrunette' out of the USA, who secured 2.03B chips in a pot against Canadian 'MoXpade' in the 5M/10M game. 'FunBrunette' raised pre-flop with A♦[Qc}, and got a call. The dealer delivered a very helpful dry board of 4♣9♣Q♦; 'MoXpade' obligingly bet out and then called a raise.

The turn was a fairly meaningless 8♥ and the action continued with a bet from 'MoXpade' and a call from 'FunBrunette'. The river washed in another low card with the 5♠ and there was a final bet and call for 710M chips each. 'MoxPade' turned over A♥9♦ for second pair with top kicker, but had to watch the pot slide away to top pair.

The same player also locked up the week's second biggest pot with a round 2B chip win over 'RETIRED_ANNA'. Holding A♥T♦, the board was looking pretty good up until the turn showing 7♦9♣T♠T♥ for three-of-a-kind. The river complicated matters when the 8♣ brought a treacherous four card straight on the board. Sensing an opportunity 'RETIRED_ANNA' moved all in for 810M chips, but 'FunBrunette' was undeterred and found a call after 11 seconds of mulling the hand over. It was an audacious flat-out K high bluff.

Stepping down to 2.5M/10M the top-ranked hand weighed in at 1.58B chips, and was the week's cruellest high stakes clash. 'Tufro' opened the action in the heads-up hand, raising to 12.5M with 8♠7♦. 'haha_toiletp' was holding pocket tens and kicked it up to 37.5M, which was quickly called. The flop brought Q♠8♥8♣.

'haha_toiletp' continued his role as the aggressor and fired out a bet of 43M chips which was called again, bringing a dream turn of T♠. The action warmed up further on the turn with both players committing 230M chips, but the river didn't bring the magical fourth eight.

'haha_toiletp' took a chance and checked his full house, successfully eliciting a 480M chip all-in shove from 'Tufro'. He made the call and scooped the lot.

At 1M/2M the biggest hand was generated in one of the new full ring tables, which were previously not available at such high stakes. Six players limped to a flop of 6♠7♥K♣, and three of them decided to continue to the turn for 18M chips each. The 7♠ connected beautifully for both 'Andrzej16' and 'GerGer33' who each held one of the remaining two.
Their exuberant betting was enough to chase out the top pair of 'Captain1777' before the river of J♥. 'Andrzej16' moved all-in for 480M chips with a low kicker, and 'GerGer33' called for his remaining 386M. His kicker was only marginally better but it had connected with the board to create a full house - good for 1.25B chips.

The same stakes saw the biggest Omaha hand for the week, which was claimed by regular 4-card participant 'tripticon'. It was all in pre-flop for 970M chips with pocket aces (suited in hearts) Vs another pocket aces (suited in clubs) Vs double suited kings. The flop crashed down with K♥Q♥J♥, and despite a number of outs neither turn nor river brought any further improvement, so the heart flush held.

Next week coverage begins of the new 10M/20M games, where the max buy-in is a colossal 2B chips. A single heads up pot for a regular stack would be enough to claim fourth on the all time list of Monster Pots, but with so few able to afford the buy-in will anyone step up to play?!

Here are the top 10 hands of all time as recorded by the Monster Pot Report:

26/11/2014 5,212,320,000 Sabz.wp
08/01/2015 4,222,160,000 FunBrunette
14/01/2015 4,068,940,000 GQ Jay29
21/01/2015 3,890,420,000 viziato1991
03/11/2014 3,681,980,000 Kleppr
25/10/2014 3,601,840,000 Kleppr
21/01/2015 3,586,620,000 cENTULICA
03/11/2014 3,563,120,000 Kleppr
22/10/2014 3,528,500,000 Kleppr
20/01/2015 3,459,200,000 MoXpade

This week's biggest pots broken down by stakes were as follows:

5M/10M Stakes:
2,030,000,000 FunBrunette
2,000,000,000 FunBrunette
1,024,120,000 FunBrunette
765,440,000 FunBrunette
560,540,000 FunBrunette
493,700,000 FunBrunette
473,980,000 FunBrunette
448,540,000 FunBrunette
437,840,000 FunBrunette
312,800,000 FunBrunette

2.5M/5M Stakes:
1,580,980,000 haha_toiletp
1,480,600,000 iba ninja & viziato1991
1,437,340,000 haha_toiletp
1,420,720,000 Tufro
1,410,440,000 viziato1991
1,341,320,000 haha_toiletp
1,312,760,000 haha_toiletp
1,305,380,000 haha_toiletp
1,260,100,000 haha_toiletp
1,258,720,000 bananasllp

1M/2M Stakes:
1,254,400,000 GerGer33
1,238,000,000 54m40
1,175,660,000 LucKeeBalls
1,000,520,000 babajani28
969,660,000 tripticon
961,850,000 tripticon
933,890,000 LucKeeBalls
917,280,000 Andrzej16
884,840,000 viziato1991
867,500,000 BRBARKER

500K/1M Stakes:
509,790,000 Pokerguy1558
463,951,000 Ball=Life#10
388,856,000 crackurnuts
386,282,000 maudimaudi2
382,518,000 Pokerguy1558
368,218,000 spadex36
363,492,000 Ball=Life#10 & Bleach 143
358,810,000 jambo0101
353,248,000 joe1416 & SR. LADIR
351,140,000 c33m0n3y

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