Monster Pot Report: Racing to the week's biggest pot

This week all the notable action took place at the 2.5M/5M table, as the top two stakes laid largely untouched from Feb 9-15.

The top hand went to Italy's high stakes maestro 'viziato1991' in a heads-up pot against 'LucKeeBalls'. The Italian opened the action with a raise to 15M, his opponent pushed back and made it 50M. Despite the fact both players were more than 200 big blinds deep with lots of room to play, the two players decided to pull the trigger; 'viziato1991' moved all in and 'LucKeeBalls' called.

It was a nice even race between 8♠8♦ (53% favourite) and A♠Q♠ (47% underdog). The board did not improve either player's hand, so all 2.2B chips to 'viziato1991'.


The same pair generated the week's second biggest pot worth 1.84B, but this encounter was much less evenly matched. 'LucKeeBalls' held pocket aces versus his adversary's more speculative 8♣5♣. The hand was raised and re-raised pre-flop generating a 90M chip pot. The board brought a superficially harmless looking T♣4♣2♦ which led both players to check.

The turn however, was a mischievous 3♣. 'LucKeeBalls' checked again, but having made his flush 'viziato1991' was determined to get value from his flush and bet out the pot. Sensing he had his opponent ensnared 'LucKeeBalls' raised it a further 260M chips. This time 'viziato1991' played it cool and just matched the bet.

The river brought both players what they thought they were hoping for - an irrelevant and innocuous 7♥. 'LucKeeBalls' bet out this time, but was put all in by 'viziato1991'. He made the crying call and was forced to concede the mountain of chips to his opponent's diminutive holding.

Down a level at 1M/2M the top pot was a hefty 1.16B chips, and came from a clash between two relative unknowns - 'meliluza' & 'gin888hu'. The game was playing four-handed, and while the original raise came from a third party, a hefty re-raise meant just two players took the flop.

The former flopped a set and the latter a straight draw, and despite some vicious betting and raising neither player could be shaken off by the time the board read 7♦5♠6♠8♥4♦. The players were forced to chop it up and take back their contributions, with the original raise covering the rake and giving each a measly 2.5M chips profit on the hand.

A mention should go to another new name 'reiwahn' who had the biggest outright win at those stakes with a 1.06B chip win. His 9♦T♥ connected with a colourful board of J♣Q♦K♠ and his two opponents both held picture cards - strong enough to pay off the danger end of the straight.

The top hand at 500K/1M was another split pot, but this time at the Omaha tables. 'Pokerguy1558' & 'River...Goo' both flopped ten high straights on a rainbow board of 8♥9♣6♠. Neither player held any discernible re-draw, so when the chips went in on the turn their fate was already decided. Both players recouped 380M chips from the pot.

The top Omaha hand for the week though belonged to serial Omaha Monster Pot maker 'tripticon', tipping the scales at 1.1B chips. Playing heads up against 'domenico-i15', he was lucky to overturn his opponent's made straight when his top pair developed into a full house over turn and river, with all the chips going in behind as an underdog.

Here are the top 10 hands of all time as recorded by the Monster Pot Report:

26/11/2014 5,212,320,000 Sabz.wp
08/01/2015 4,222,160,000 FunBrunette
14/01/2015 4,068,940,000 GQ Jay29
21/01/2015 3,890,420,000 viziato1991
03/11/2014 3,681,980,000 Kleppr
25/10/2014 3,601,840,000 Kleppr
21/01/2015 3,586,620,000 cENTULICA
03/11/2014 3,563,120,000 Kleppr
22/10/2014 3,528,500,000 Kleppr
20/01/2015 3,459,200,000 MoXpade

This week's biggest pots broken down by stakes were as follows:

2.5M/5M Stakes:
2,209,760,000 viziato1991
1,839,760,000 viziato1991
1,751,100,000 Captain1777
1,690,200,000 viziato1991
1,680,300,000 domenico-i15
1,453,440,000 viziato1991
1,353,000,000 Captain1777
1,272,640,000 viziato1991
1,214,340,000 domenico-i15
1,182,700,000 sparta757

1M/2M Stakes:
1,164,800,000 meliluza & gin888hu
1,063,420,000 reiwahn
935,740,000 SERNNN
923,500,000 Kleppr
827,970,000 SERNNN
812,580,000 jf115
799,860,000 viziato1991
796,120,000 cubs817
776,740,000 tripticon
747,600,000 JuliaDaGreat

500K/1M Stakes:
762,870,000 Pokerguy1558 & River...Goo
498,914,000 Rose177
484,507,000 GV402
475,908,000 River...Goo
454,438,000 Triptych3
412,688,000 GV402
404,366,000 blacktoe1
392,378,000 Pokerguy1558
383,704,000 crackurnuts
383,600,000 megaész2015

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