Monster Pot Report: Small ball? What's small ball?

We kick off this week with another Monster Pot Record - the biggest ever hand played at the 2.5M/5M stakes. The hand was played heads-up between hippie Ibiza and, predictably for regular readers, viziato1991.
Looking at the hand in isolation it seems clear that the two players had been playing fast and loose for some time. For a start they were over 700 and 400 big blinds deep respectively, but mostly the hand was a shining example of what happens when two aggressive players collide. Small ball poker it wasn't...

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hippie Ibiza had the button and made it 15M to go with K♦8♠ - a perfectly respectable raising hand in a heads-up game with post-flop position. viziato1991 looked down to find T♦T♥ and understandably raised it up to 65M. Knowing that the Italian is capable of doing that with a wide range of hands, hippie Ibiza made the call.

The flop brought something for everyone with 8♦2♦9♠. viziato1991 thought for 2 seconds and moved all in for an overbet of close to 2.2B chips. hippie Ibiza thought for two seconds before making the enormous call to create a hand worth 4.48B. The board ran out with the Q♥ and the 5♥, improving neither player, locking up yet another record for the Italian. The previous best was 4.07B set by GQ Jay29 back in January.

There was no notable action at 10M/20M, and only a few hands of note at 5M/10M where Wenb0 locked up the top three spots. The biggest hand measured a healthy 2.04B and featured a nasty flush on flush situation against papadoc21.

At 1M/2M the honours went to former Billionaire Club World Rankings #1 Dash_Lane, who was lucky to come out on top of a three way car crash. Holding T♦T♥ in a multi-way raised pot, the flop of T♣Q♦J♦ must have looked so dangerous and enticing that you could cast Scarlett Johansson to play it. His opponents Callisme123 and Bunky6387held the ace high flush draw and a lower flush and straight draw respectively.

The pre-turn action was surprisingly sedate with a single 10M chip bet made and called in both spots. The turn produced the 3♦ and things warmed up nicely, finding one of the completed flushes all-in and called. The river brought the dreaded paired board with a second jack, completing a full house, and thus the remainder of the chips went in. The total pot was worth 1.04B with Dash_Lane getting to keep it all.

Down at 500K/1M we have a new name to celebrate, and one that is particularly apt for this blog. bobmonstr990 was dealt 3♦5♦ and decided to speculate in a deep-stacked 6-Max game. Four saw the flop of 3♠K♣5♠ but only Smart127 was willing to stick around with K♠Q♦ when the baby two pair moved all in. The turn brought a fourth spade to give some hope, but the river blanked, sending all 563M chips to our monstrous debutant.

Here are the top 10 hands of all time as recorded by the Monster Pot Report:

11/04/2015 14,806,920,000 viziato1991
11/04/2015 12,531,880,000 viziato1991
11/04/2015 10,311,940,000 Cloud_Hsieh
11/04/2015 8,065,940,000 viziato1991
11/04/2015 7,940,000,000 viziato1991
20/03/2015 6,471,540,000 viziato1991
11/04/2015 5,548,060,000 Cloud_Hsieh
14/04/2015 5,320,000,000 zvjerka1
26/11/2014 5,212,320,000 Sabz.wp
20/03/2015 4,911,500,000 viziato1991

This week's biggest pots broken down by stakes were as follows:

5M/10M Stakes:
2,042,960,000 Wenb0
2,000,000,000 Wenb0
1,860,140,000 Wenb0
1,788,100,000 viziato1991
1,552,360,000 papadoc21
1,352,800,000 Jacktup4
1,310,380,000 Jacktup4
950,000,000 StakAttack22
934,140,000 glaedr8
915,100,000 Pattrriikk

2.5M/5M Stakes:
4,484,000,000 viziato1991
3,935,980,000 viziato1991
2,328,880,000 hippie ibiza
1,988,000,000 viziato1991
1,787,820,000 hippie ibiza
1,561,680,000 karacetha
1,489,740,000 LucKeeBalls
1,315,240,000 Wenb0 & Capispocker
1,257,940,000 haha_toiletp
1,252,720,000 karacetha

1M/2M Stakes:
1,037,410,000 Dash_Lane
989,140,000 Sabz.wp & noxy54
879,120,000 tww1935
781,840,000 2gd2b
779,140,000 Wenb0
775,300,000 LucKeeBalls
774,260,000 Pattrriikk
771,900,000 GQ Jay29
754,800,000 bballexpert
741,700,000 swan523

500K/1M Stakes:
563,089,000 bobmonstr990
535,965,000 seregineu
478,000,000 KRISBER
459,000,000 bobmonstr990
429,558,000 LucKeeBalls
429,528,000 DiamondDog72
411,210,000 Smart127
404,564,000 Wenb0
385,788,000 aptlm
378,690,000 DiamondDog72 & Amazonka2707

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