Monster Pot Report: The 10mil/20mil game

It was always going to be a matter of time before one of the Billionaire Club elite Play Money players stepped up to take on the new 10M/20M game, and after a few weeks of quiet we finally saw two brave high stakes warriors take the plunge.

There are very few players that have the means to join a 2B chip buy-in game, but Italians 'viziato1991' and 'domenico-i15' are among them. Their clash at the pinnacle of the Play Money offering was short but explosive, with two of the hands breaking into the all-time top 10. They're the first new entries into the upper echelons of Monster Potdom in over a month.
The biggest pot for the week weighed in at a colossal 4.33B chips - enough to claim second place on the historic list. 'domenico-i15' opened the action pre-flop holding pocket kings, and 'viziato1991' called with the speculaltive 7♣5♥. The flop came in queen high but also brought 'viziato1991' a gut shot straight draw. He called the small continuation bet and his magic card duly came in on the turn.

NEIL5277__PCA2014_Chips_Neil Stoddart.jpg

With the board seemingly offering little danger the pocket kings were happy to stay on the attack - 'domenico-i15' bet the turn and quickly called when faced with a check-raise. The board completed without improving either player and this time 'viziato1991' decided to take the initiative by moving all in. His opponent called and thus 'viziato1991' claimed a new personal best haul, eclipsing the 3.88B chip pot he won in late January.

Their second-placed effort hand came in at 3.67B chips which has nestled in at 7th on the all-time list. This time it saw 'domenico-i15', holding A♥K♦, call a big all-in on a board of 5♦J♥J♠. Once again 'viziato1991' had gotten a little help from the dealer as he was wielding Q♦J♦. 'domenico-i15' was drawing almost dead and the turn confirmed his fate.

The action at 5M/10M couldn't compete with its new big brother, with just a single pot of a billion chips or more, namely 'HotT~BuTTonS' for 1.29B chips at the No Limit Omaha tables.
As usual the most frequent monster pots were generated at the 2.5M/5M table. The top spot went to 'zvjerka1' from the USA who claimed just shy of 1.5B chips in a five handed no limit Hold'em game. There were three players to the flop of 9♥7♥Q♥ after a raise and a re-raise. Despite the flush danger all three players were happy to continue and there were two all-ins.

The board ran out without a further heart, but it paired on the end with 9♠. 'Vosen8832' tabled pocket aces, and would be understandably annoyed to see himself in last place.

'LucKeeBalls' showed a full house of nines full of sevens with 7♣9♣ - he would be even more disappointed to be in second place. 'zvjerka1' had flopped the top set with two black queens in his hand.

The players at the 1M/2M games couldn't quite crack the 1B mark this week, but Billionaire Club World Rankings high flyer 'Dash_Lane' (2nd place behind Chris Moneymaker) came close with a pot of 979M chips in a spicy full ring game. All it took was to crack the flopped sets of both 'Captain1777' (fives) and 'Bill88Gold' (twos) with a flush on the river with a modest K♥6♥ holding.

Finally, at 500K/1M the top two spots were both claimed by 'aj-workin'. The American registered two hands in excess of 700M at those stakes, a benchmark no-one else was able to top. Oddly, his top win also came courtesy of K6. This time it was thanks to a full house which arrived on the turn with the 6♣. Luckily for 'aj-workin' that card also completed an ace-high flush for 'bradleyasch' which greatly facilitated the monstrous payoff.

Here are the top 10 hands of all time as recorded by the Monster Pot Report:

26/11/2014 5,212,320,000 Sabz.wp
26/02/2015 4,327,600,000 viziato1991
08/01/2015 4,222,160,000 FunBrunette
14/01/2015 4,068,940,000 GQ Jay29
21/01/2015 3,890,420,000 viziato1991
03/11/2014 3,681,980,000 Kleppr
26/02/2015 3,668,880,000 viziato1991
25/10/2014 3,601,840,000 Kleppr
21/01/2015 3,586,620,000 cENTULICA
03/11/2014 3,563,120,000 Kleppr

This week's biggest pots broken down by stakes were as follows:

10M/20M Stakes:
4,327,600,000 viziato1991
3,668,880,000 viziato1991
560,000,000 domenico-i15
455,120,000 domenico-i15
232,800,000 viziato1991
200,000,000 domenico-i15
186,960,000 viziato1991
160,000,000 domenico-i15

2.5M/5M Stakes:
1,499,000,000 zvjerka1
1,316,700,000 Armageddon98
1,118,420,000 domenico-i15
1,099,100,000 zvjerka1
1,072,420,000 sparta757
1,067,160,000 domenico-i15
1,066,640,000 Captain1777
1,062,800,000 biawoiyoa
1,032,300,000 XaeKia79
1,023,200,000 viziato1991

1M/2M Stakes:
982,130,000 Dash_Lane
950,900,000 FRANKEARL & disaster.72
914,460,000 seregineu
876,880,000 haha_toiletp
876,880,000 viziato1991
867,100,000 viziato1991
859,180,000 viziato1991
820,020,000 LucKeeBalls
812,850,000 faustootje & Cloud_Hsieh
757,900,000 gRaTeFuL1972

500K/1M Stakes:
722,892,000 aj-workin
706,666,000 aj-workin
605,908,000 Pep2Step
553,802,000 Carpiediem_1
487,597,000 Ice queen682
471,216,000 Rose177
464,000,000 blackcreamer
442,838,000 afghan1AK
420,000,000 De-Weirdo76
409,332,000 MyPassyon

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