Monster Pot Report: viziato1991 tops biggest play money pots

This week saw action across all the stakes but without any stand out clashes and not necessarily in the games we've come to expect. Once again sitting at the top of the list for the week's Monster Pots is regular contributor 'viziato1991'.

The Italian claimed a pot of 1.8B chips playing in a four-handed 2.5M/5M No Limit Hold'em game. The action limped around to his big blind, and seeing pocket kings he decided to spice things up with a raise - '5M to go' became '25M to go'. One of his opponents wasn't about to be pushed around and decided to make a stand with pocket 5s. He moved all in for almost 900M chips and inevitably got the call (the other two folded). The board ran out bone dry so the kings held up.

NEIL1549_PCA2015_Chips_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Not far behind in second place for the week was '3rdWind'. He fell just short of the top spot when his own pocket kings held up to a big ace-high river bluff from 'crackurnuts'. The pot was 1.78B chips.

To be fair to 'crackurnuts' it had been a very good day until that point. Earlier that same day he had claimed a pot of 1.65B chips (fourth biggest this week) when his pocket kings (AGAIN) held up against the AQ of 'Scott Dai'. There was some healthy pre-flop raising and when the board brought an unthreatening rainbow flop including a queen there was only ever going to be one outcome. A check, an all-in and a call. Neither turn nor river brought improvement to either player.

It was 'crackurnuts' involved in the biggest Omaha hand of the week, played at the 1M/2M stakes. Holding a wrap of 8♦9♠T♣J♣, he would have been delighted to finally get there on the river with a king high straight. Unfortunately, his opponent 'skyr33' had improved to the same hand after holding top pair, so the 1.76B chips were split straight down the middle. At 880 big blinds it was the ninth biggest hand ever recorded by the Monster Pot Report relative to the bet size.

Looking at the biggest stakes, the only action to be found last week in the 10M/20M game was at the Stud tables (where all games use a limit structure). In a session that was mostly played heads-up, 'xMEDIUMx' got the better of an old familiar face, 'Kleppr' from the USA. Describing a hand of Stud street by street is a painful thing, so in summary, 'Kleppr' made two pair (queens and tens) but 'xMEDIUMx' got there on the end with a huge flush/straight/three-of-a-kind draw (he made the straight). The pot was worth 224M chips.

The heaviest hand at the 5M/10M game was a strangely passive affair between Dutch players 'xiquexique' and 'muizenfort'. The hand was limped pre-flop and players checked it to the river on a board of 4♦4♥4♠3♣5♥. At which point 'xiquexique' moved all in with his pair of black sevens, and 'muizenfort' instantly called with his pocket aces, claiming a pot of 840M chips.

Finally, down at the minnow of the Monster Pot Report, the 500K/1M game, 'De-Weirdo76' took down a 675M chip pot with four-of-a-kind against the full-house of 'willieboy17'. What made the hand particularly unusual is that both players had made big six card hands. The winner had a pair to go with his quads and the loser broke a second three of a kind to make his full house.

Here are the top 10 hands of all time as recorded by the Monster Pot Report:

26/11/2014 5,212,320,000 Sabz.wp
26/02/2015 4,327,600,000 viziato1991
08/01/2015 4,222,160,000 FunBrunette
14/01/2015 4,068,940,000 GQ Jay29
21/01/2015 3,890,420,000 viziato1991
03/11/2014 3,681,980,000 Kleppr
26/02/2015 3,668,880,000 viziato1991
25/10/2014 3,601,840,000 Kleppr
21/01/2015 3,586,620,000 cENTULICA
03/11/2014 3,563,120,000 Kleppr

This week's biggest pots broken down by stakes were as follows:

10M/20M Stakes:
264,000,000 xMEDIUMx
224,000,000 xMEDIUMx
204,000,000 xMEDIUMx
204,000,000 Kleppr
204,000,000 Kleppr
204,000,000 Kleppr
204,000,000 xMEDIUMx
184,000,000 Kleppr
184,000,000 Kleppr
164,000,000 xMEDIUMx

5M/10M Stakes:
840,000,000 muizenfort
800,000,000 Anjanie_HN & Samir_4U
800,000,000 Anjanie_HN
800,000,000 sdilf
700,000,000 sdilf
565,000,000 FunBrunette
550,420,000 $0~Y0U~0$
415,900,000 $0~Y0U~0$
341,300,000 $0~Y0U~0$
341,300,000 $0~Y0U~0$

2.5M/5M Stakes:
1,801,820,000 viziato1991
1,779,980,000 3rdWind
1,646,320,000 crackurnuts
1,594,020,000 Cloud_Hsieh
1,368,920,000 viziato1991
1,346,060,000 Kleppr & babajani28
1,295,820,000 Sundayzero00
1,283,500,000 zvjerka1
1,170,400,000 Kleppr
1,157,780,000 viziato1991

1M/2M Stakes:
1,763,560,000 crackurnuts & skyr33
1,399,050,000 glaedr8
1,371,040,000 taryn5
1,216,880,000 skyr33
1,208,740,000 modi_shreef
1,180,600,000 skyr33
1,158,080,000 modi_shreef
1,018,000,000 modi_shreef
1,008,600,000 modi_shreef
1,001,490,000 modi_shreef

500K/1M Stakes:
675,101,000 De-Weirdo76
624,948,000 thank you842
528,096,000 tripticon
475,520,000 crackurnuts
428,870,000 canarinoross
427,450,000 el gomi 007
405,500,000 drew484 & stavrospoker
396,784,000 modi_shreef
387,848,000 modi_shreef
384,000,000 crackurnuts

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