Neymar Jr brings star power to Charity Home Game

If you want to raise money for charity, there are a lot of ways to go about it. There are bake sales, chili suppers, car washes, and everything else that can pull in a few bucks for your cause.

Or, if you want to raise a lot of money really fast, just ask Brazilian football star Neymar Jr to host a poker game. When that happens...well this happens.

Neymar Charity Home Game-0130.jpg

That was Neymar showing up this weekend for his Charity Home Game at the BSOP in Sao Paulo. He brought the star power, and with star power comes big bucks.

When you put him on the pitch Neymar can do no wrong. However, his time at the felt has so far been limited. He wasn't entirely sure what to expect, but by the time he got his first cards, his signature smile lit up the room.

Neymar Charity Home Game-0240.jpg

It helps a bit that he was there with some of his best buddies and without glory on the line. Instead, he had his friend (and friend of PokerStars!) Felipe Ramos at his side on a day that was meant for raising money for the Neymar Jr Institute, a group that helps the underprivileged in Sao Paulo.

Neymar Charity Home Game-0343.jpg

More than 80 people signed up, and before the event was done, there were more than 40 rebuys. That money put together with PokerStars Helping Hands funds ended up totaling $100,000 that will end up helping the needy in Brazil.

If that wasn't reason to smile, I don't know what is.

Neymar Charity Home Game-6470.jpg

While Neymar Jr had to catch a flight to Barcelona (a man has to work, after all), he walked away happy, having raised six figures for people who need it, and reminding everyone that star power can be about a lot more than making money for the stars.

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