Poker battle ends in the octagon for Canadian player

Some people believe it's impossible to get something from nothing. It's a physics thing, apparently. Canadian Alexandre Quimper learned this month that PokerStars can sometimes break those bonds of physics.

Last May, Quimper (known as shaggun on PokerStars) started playing some daily freerolls on and ended up winning something that was a lot more than nothing. That is, he ended up in Las Vegas on the trip of his life.


Quimper's freeroll wins sent him to Las Vegas for three nights. PokerStars covered his plane fare and MGM Grand room, not to mention slipped him $500 to make it rain in Vegas.

But that wasn't all. He also got tickets to UFC 189 headlined by the interim featherweight title bout of Conor McGregor vs Chad Mendes.


Quimper had quite a time, it seems.

"The trip was very well organized, and a wonderful experience," he said. "Las Vegas is a crazy, magnificent city. I also won some money playing poker with your lucky card protector."


Not only did Quimper run up a nice stack playing at MGM, he also got to bring along a buddy for the whole trip.

"My friend could not believe that I had won a trip to Vegas to see the UFC fight of the year via freeroll, and that he was coming," Quimper said. "Only at PokerStars can you participate in freerolls that take you to amazing destinations or major live poker tournaments without any hassles."

So, there you go. Next time you think you won't be able to win anything cool in a freeroll, remember Mr. Quimper who is probably still wiping Chad Mendes' blood off his face.

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