PokerStars celebrates 10 years on Isle of 3D

I have been to more than my fair share of rock shows. From dirty punk clubs, to underground southern blues bars (please-visit-the-house-next-door-to-buy-your-beer kinds of places), to performing arts centers, to giant arenas, I've seen just about everything I could hope to see. Oftentimes, the bands I visit bring light operators who have more likely than not come from a different dimension.

That is to say, I've seen a lot of crazy light shows, too, but none like the one PokerStars put on to celebrate its tenth year on the Isle of Man. (You'll want to read Lee Jones--who has also seen his fair share of them--take on it before continuing...)


This screen shot does not do the video below any justice, because what you'll see below are a bunch of wide-eyed people of the Isle of Man staring at what at one moment was the beautiful Villa Marina theater, and next was...well, all of that stuff from another dimension.

In just the first few seconds of the video, you will see how the transformation began, but what happens after that is the kind of thing you expect from CGI artists in movies, not projected onto one of your city's most iconic buildings.

So, indeed, thanks to the Isle of Man for welcoming PokerStars so warmly. Here's to another ten years. Maybe by that time the projections will be in 4D...

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Brad Willis
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