PokerStars introduces The Weekender

Have you ever bagged chips at the end of a tournament day? If done right, the feeling is hard to match. It comes with a sense of validation. It comes with a sense of accomplishment. It comes with an opportunity to come back and fight again.

Now you have that chance every week on PokerStars.

Beginning Saturday at 10:30am ET, PokerStars will offer The Weekender, a $530 two-day tournament. This week, it guarantees at least $100,000 in prize money.


You will start with 10,000 in chips at the 20/40/5 level. After that, you have 25 12-minute levels to play before breaking for the day. If you survive, you will return Sunday at 10:30am ET.

This new high-stakes playground is open to everyone, and if you don't have $500 a week to drop on the opportunity, don't fret. As of this very moment, there are 21 satellites running for The Weekender. You could get in for as little as $5.50 if you play it right.

If you haven't signed up for PokerStars yet and need an account, look no further. You can sign up right here.

Will you be among the the first people to make Day 2 of The Weekender?

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Brad Willis
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