PokerStars Spin & Go Anniversary makes fifth millionaire

This time last year, PokerStars announced the new quick three-player Spin & Go events. The conceit was simple: you buy in for a normal event, but the prize pool could spin up to crazy amounts. In some rare cases, those jackpots would turn into million-dollar first prizes.

Between then and October 20 of this year, those $1,200,000 prize pools had appeared five times. That seemed like a lot. Five times over the course of the year, somebody bought in for a relatively piddly amount and turned into a millionaire. It was, in a word, neat.

So, this week has been weird. PokerStars announced the Spin & Go Anniversary celebration, and everything went haywire.

Now, as of late last night, there have been five $1.2 million jackpots, not in a year, but in a week. One week, five new millionaires.

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Here are the details of the first four:

Samara Lúcio spends $5, wins a million

wrawras gets another $1 million for Brazil

prophethicks turns $5 into $1 million

barrakuuda4 becomes fourth Spin & Go instant millionaire

Last night, Germany's "handbt1" became the fifth after entering a $5 Spin & Go. When the wheels stopped at $1.2 million, "handbt1" went on to dominate the event, beating the Channel Islands' "egg1981" and Ukraine's "Lyuda1975." Both of the other players picked up $100,000 apiece.

The actual Spin & Go Anniversary celebration will run until this weekend, but we're told the $1.2 million jackpots could continue on well into November. So, watch this space. Heck, we could have another one before the end of the day.

Need to know more? Here are all the details on the Spin & Go Anniversary party.

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