PokerStars TLB off to familiar start

We're only a month into PokerStars 2015 tournaments, but the battle is already raging on the Tournament Leader Board. Two of last year's top ten players have managed to work their way into the top ten for this year.

Last year's winner, ismo<3seppo, has already climbed to fifth place on this year's leader board, trailed closely behind by last year's seventh place finisher, Xodd.

While last year's best may be cruising, they are still behind current leader, lammas111. The Estonian (one of three at the top of this year's chase) has put up some early impressive finishes:

--6th in Hot $7.50 with 4,341 entries,
--3rd in $3.30+R with 1,528 entries
--6th in $27 Turbo Knockout with 1,162 entries

Here are the standings as of this afternoon.

PokerStars Yearly TLB February 3, 2015

1. lammas111 24,617.40
2. Sifosis 23,206.91
3. markovitsus 23,161.69
4. ISmellToast 22,658.53
5. ismo<3seppo 22,263.77
6. MidEGambler 21,954.76
7. Xodd 21,823.30
8. rodrigorpv 21,478.22
9. D0ntTiltOnMe 21,322.94
10. Zerkaw 20,960.11


This is not just a contest for pride.

The top 100 players at the end of the year will share prizes worth more than $450,000. The winner alone earns $35,000 in cash, up to one year's worth of Sunday $215 tickets, $5,000 worth of major online series tickets, and an entry to $75,000 freeroll.

You may be a month behind, but if you get to work today, you still might be able to catch up. So go do work!

For more information, visit the PokerStars TLB web page.

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