Put some Spring into your Step

Sunshine, flowers, butterflies, birds, bees, love and... SCOOP. All sure signs of a blossoming and welcome Spring! But what's SCOOP you may say? No we're not talking ice cream scoop, journalistic scoop or even a doggie pooper scoop, this is the poker players' SCOOP - and that stands for the Spring Championship of Online Poker, one of the highlights of the online poker calendar and it takes place every year on PokerStars.

It's a veritable feast of Championship tourneys over several weeks with big starting stacks, huge fields and bountiful guaranteed prize pools totaling a whopping $40 million - a real poker gourmet's delight! It's so big it's actually one of the biggest events in the poker calendar, attracting keen players worldwide. We here at PokerSchoolOnline recognise that a helping hand to fund the initial buy-ins is most welcome, and this year there are over 300 buy-ins to those tasty SCOOP events up for grabs to members with our latest promotion.

Just to explain a little of how it works, you'll need some 'School Pass' tickets to participate and getting hold of these tickets is as easy as just clicking a button. Further tickets can then be had in a variety of ways so you'll be playing your way towards those exciting SCOOP events even if you have only a limited bankroll. So time to map out your poker schedule over the coming weeks and target the tourneys where you'd really like to make your mark and yes, make the money!

Preparation is vital to success, and this applies to your SCOOP participation too, so with that in mind it's worth pointing you in the direction of the excellent training videos from poker greats such as Randy 'nanonoko Lew amongst others. You'll learn more about how these great minds approach SCOOP events, and specific tips and tricks that can be applied by you too in order to enhance your chances of carrying off a coveted title in 2015.


It's an exciting time of year when SCOOP is in full flow - see you there!