Run It Up features WCOOP main event

I probably don't have to tell you about PokerStars Team Pro Jason Somerville's "Run It Up" stream on the Twitch platform. If you're not aware of it, please go to this link and then, when you can tear yourself away, come back here:

This is what we're talking about

Good to have you back (or at least time-sharing while you watch the mechanical crow). Jason certainly made a dent in the WCOOP prize pool, making three final tables and cashing eight - eight - times. He also had a magical day on September 7 when he made the final table of a progressive super knockout NLHE event, cashing for about $38k. But more importantly, he peaked at 37,000 viewers, and at one point was the most watched channel on Twitch. Yes, children, more than every single League of Legends or DoTA player.


On September 7, 2015, Jason "JCarverPoker" Somerville won Twitch.

Now about tonight... it's the final table of the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) main event, with a shade over $1.7 million for the winner (second place is a "paltry" $1.2 million). Alas, Jason is not at that table but he's going to watch it from the rail during his Twitch stream tonight, and share his strategic and tactical thoughts with his Run It Up fans.

Here are the details:

• He won't see hole cards - what he sees on the client will be exactly what you see if you fire up the PokerStars client and go to tournament #1,245,236,838. Or simply search in the main lobby search bar for "WCOOP main event".
• He'll be on a ten-minute delay so what you see on the client will be discussed on his stream ten minutes later. If you drop spoilers into the Twitch chat stream, don't be surprised if you get silenced.
• If he has personal information about a particular player, he won't be sharing that with us. So if he knows that, "Susie Boggs does not have a river check-raise bluff. Ever" we won't be hearing about it.
• To keep things hopping and the action flowing, he'll be playing his regular $1k Super Tuesday event, so you'll be bouncing back and forth between the two events (one he's playing, one he's commentating) depending on where the action is.

The bottom line is that Jason's Twitch stream is going to be the place to gather on the rail of the final table of the most prestigious event of the online poker year. And maybe watch Jason crack yet another final table.

We'll see you on the rail.

Lee Jones is the Director of Poker Communications at PokerStars and has been part of the professional poker world for over 25 years. You can read his occasional Twitter-bites at @leehjones.
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