Six millionaires in a week? What are the odds?

One week. That's all it took for PokerStars to make six brand new millionaires. That's six changed lives. Six million dollars entering the poker economy. Six million in first prizes in the span of seven days.

We'll be frank: there isn't anyone around here who expected it to happen like this. I'm not kidding. The rate at which people are hitting the anniversary Spin & Go Anniversary jackpots has been more than a little surprising. It's almost as if something in the cogs of the PokerStars machine broke. At least, that's what I was thinking when the sixth person won overnight.

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Early this morning, Australia's "ifipushud325" beat Germany's "ModusPonen7" and Russia's "FlyEko" to take the sixth $1 million first prize of the Spin & Go anniversary celebration. It cost him five bucks to enter, and it made him a millionaire.

What does that do to a man? Well, we only need to ask one of the other millionaires, Pete Dolloway, who also cashed for $1 million on a $5 buy-in. He told us all about it yesterday here: Millionaire electrician wires his own spotlight.


So, we know it's happening. We know how it affects people. Question is...what are the odds of this kind of thing happening.

Well, fortunately, PokerStars laid out the odds in advance.

You can see them all below.


In short, if you're playing a $100 event, your odds of hitting a $1.2 million Spin & Go are 3 in 1,000,000. Seems like a lot, we know...but here's the thing. Two of those have already hit. And guess what...the odds on $5 Spin & Gos are longer...something like 3 in 10,000,000. And yet, we've already seen four of those winners.

So, you do the math on your own, but we're fully prepared to be writing about another Spin & Go millionaire tomorrow, if not before the end of the day!

For more information on the odds, visit, the PokerStars Spin & Go Anniversary homepage.

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