Still shaking, CccpVodka on his Spin & Go million

This week PokerStars made someone a millionaire. Needless to say they made that same man a very happy millionaire. Actually, he's still shaking.

CccpVodka, or Alexander as he's known in the real world, thought he was sitting down to a regular Spin & Go on Wednesday, playing one last game before turning in for the night. Then the numbers started spinning and everything changed.

"I didn't realize," said Alexander. "I mean, it just can't be."

Well it most certainly was. Alexander then watched the screen go weird. First things changed colour, then a lot of zeroes appeared. He figured it was the usually type of pop-up announcing a new tournament starting somewhere else. Far from it.

"I didn't really pay attention," Alexander said, who started playing as if it were any other of the games he's been playing on PokerStars since 2009. "Then I saw comments, plenty of them... but I still couldn't believe it."


Alexander, who is 35, married and works for a radio station in Moscow, describes himself as just a normal guy, "the guy you see every day on the bus or in a shop". Certainly not the type of person expected to suddenly win a million dollars. But then who is?

You may have read about the result earlier this week, notable for being all done within 355 seconds. Alexander admitted to getting pretty emotional as he played, and making plenty of mistakes at the table. "If I played it again the result could be different."

But things went his way, and while second and third place players each received $100,000, it was he who picked up that coveted first prize. He described the moment when he realised he'd won.

"I was alone, then I called my wife and my mom. They of course didn't believe it. Then we met and talked till 5am."

The process of coming down after such a high will take a little time, not that he minds necessarily. This is life changing money after all, and there's much happiness to be found in thinking about the future, and how that sort of win can change your life for the better. Some of the money will go to charity, but Alexander has no plans to go crazy, except maybe to travel a bit.


"Everything will change in my life, in a good way I hope," he said. But as he put it, sometimes the best changes are the small ones.

"I finally won't [have to] check the right side of the menu anymore!"

Congratulations Alexander. Go ahead and order everything.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.

Stephen Bartley
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