Surviving on a chip and a chair

In a poker tournament what we all would love to see happen is a long, steady and safe progression through the levels--smoothly gathering chips as we go and up there in the top ten of the leaderboard, always in contention, never under threat.

But as we all know, life is rarely that simple and kind. No tournament player on the planet can finish in the money in every tournament they contest. We have bad days along with the good ones, and the fortune element in poker - that mysterious additional factor that both thrills and frustrates us - can kick in at any time to either multiply our chip-stack, or ruthlessly negate it. There's no predicting when Lady Luck will float by, and you can never tell what kind of mood she'll be in when she does.

Every top poker player has found themselves in a position where their stack is diminishing; the blind levels are increasing and the button is coming back around fast. It's now a question of survival, and survival can be everything in a tournament. So possessing the skill to deal with these situations can be vital if you want reach the money as often as possible. Low-chip survival scenarios are something that should be practiced, and practiced as often as possible. There's a new fun mini-game at PokerSchoolOnline that allows you to do just that. It's called the Chip & Chair challenge.


I found it great fun to play this clever training tool - it serves up repeated chip-and-a-chair survival scenarios and concentrates decision-making that in real life would be spread over weeks and months, into just a few minutes! Your hole cards are always playable hands in the right situation, but it's not made simple for you and you have some tough decisions to make. And you get to sit at the table with online stars (or at least their silent avatars) like KidPoker, Liv Boeree and JasonMercier!

And we all love a challenge, right? Well with this game you have the chance to win tournament tickets as you play, but only if you can show enough skill to hit the target. Think you have what it takes? I haven't hit target yet, but you can bet I'll keep trying!