The personality of a successful poker player

What does it take to be a winning poker player? Well, your personality may have something to do with it.

Back during the PCA, some of the PokerStars folks got together and talked with some of the top pros about personality as it pertains to their poker game. The people with the clipboards wanted to know about business life, relationships, and everything that goes in between.

The researchers pulled aside 17 poker pros and had them take the Big Five personality test in the hopes of finding any insight into how they became so successful in the game. Was it a matter of personality or something else?

Most the participants were men. Their average age was 33. You'll see, the most surprising thing was how they ranked for conscientiousness--in most cases higher than the norm. Some research says conscientiousness could be the overall biggest predictor for success.

In any case, the result is the big graphic below.

Want to find out your own score? Take the Big Five personality test here.


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