Tournament Leader Board cooking up a great year end finale

Here we are in November, only five weeks away from the New Year. Where exactly did the time go?

One minute we were in the Bahamas, then, after TCOOP and SCOOP, the EPT Grand Final wrapped up in Monaco. Before we knew it the World Series gave way to the World Championship of Online Poker as the new EPT season gathered pace.


In between all that there were 47 (so far) weekends, with countless associated online majors. Suddenly it's cold and we're into December, looking back on it all.

That also means looking back on a year of online tournaments, and what that means for the PokerStars yearly Tournament Leader Board which now last slightly more than a month left to play. Cold maybe, but the TLB is heating up nicely.

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And so we'll be following the TLB contest as it plays on to a conclusion. Each week we'll be bringing you an update on the current standings, and even the thoughts of the players involved as they grind out enough points to top the table.

What do they get if they manage it?

The winner at the end of the year will receive $35,000 in cash and up to a year's worth of Sunday Million tickets, each valued at $215. In addition they'll receive $5,000 worth of major online series tickets as well as entry into a $75,000 freeroll.

Right now that position is held by ismo<3seppo, who has some experience when it comes to the TLB given that he won it last year as well.

TLB - 24 Nov 2015.jpgTournament Leader Board as of 24 Nov 2015

Ismo<3seppo leads with close to 59,000 points, ahead of second placed Sifosis with 57,180 points. The top ten are separated by roughly 10,000 points. Plenty of things could change between now and the end of December.

To check out all the details go to the Tournament Leader Board homepage. Are you on the list? Get in touch

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Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.

Stephen Bartley
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