Two winners in a week for new Spin & Go $300K


In the old days it might have been called a gold rush. Someone would discover riches from out of nowhere prompting thousands of people around the world to drop everything, form a wagon train, and head in whatever direction the news came from. Those days have gone, at least in a literal sense. But in a poker sense they're back, for they've struck gold in Hungary.

Well, I say gold. What I mean is that two players from Hungary struck it rich in Spin & Go's this past weekend, suggesting that the going is good in those parts, especially when you count up their earnings, a rich vein worth $600,000 between them.

It all came about after PokerStars introduced the new $100 Spin and Go. The previous maximum buy-in had been $60, but with a $300,000 jackpot it was no real surprise that the new $100 variety went down a storm.

Right now Hungarian players Lev729 and flesske would agree. Within a week of the launch both hit the top prize, and all that they had to do was win a three way tournament. Things weren't so bad for the runners up either. ian2104 from Ireland, AlexRAVXXX from Russia, as well as barrakuuda4 from Estonia and Israel's wallaks, each earned a consolatory $30,000.

Like the sound of this? Thinking about forming that wagons train and heading to the Hungarian border? Well, there's no need. You could strike gold yourself from wherever you are. Find out how by reading more about PokerStars Spin & Go's here, or head straight to the Spin & Go lobby to try them out for yourself for a little as a dollar.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.

Stephen Bartley
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