UKIPT5 Series 2 London: Day 2 Level 17-20(6000/12000/2000)

4:40pm: Shabtay picks wrong moment to go for broke(16th)
Lior Shabtay is the latest man to fall foul of the variance beast - his shove with pocket threes running into jacks.

The K♠T♠5♣Q♠4♦ gave him a shot of survival as he held the only spade but his time finally ran out and he finishes in 16th for £805.

4:30pm: Van Kraayenburg eliminated (17th)
Chris Van Kraayenburg has seen his chances of progression evaporate. Having been crippled in a trips versus house cooler earlier, he moved his final minute stack into the middle and received three callers.

The board was checked to the turn of a 7♣8♣4♣T♣ board - Giovanni Canali betting out 35k to a series of folds and showing down T♠J♣.

Kraayenburg couldn't beat that and drops out 17th, collecting £805.

That hand brings us down to 16 runners. There is a quick redraw for the final two tables and we'll be back at it in no time...

4:20pm: Tomlinson faces uphill battle
Erstwhile top 3 stack Hannah Tomlinson has taken a dive down the chip standings - her stack a mere 90,000 now.

She hasn't had the most fortunate time of it, losing out with A♦7♦ on a 9♦7♣5♦ board versus neighbour Sandra Reid's pocket tens.

That hand helped boost Reid to over 275,000.

Hannah meanwhile has lost several other important pots and is very much in push/shove mode right now.

4:15pm: Mistry solved (18th place)
Jitesh Mistry was forced to make a dash from the tournament midway through and he has failed to return, culminating in him blinding out in 18th spot.

He collects £715 in absentia and we continue 19 handed...

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 6000-12000-2000

4:02pm: Current chip counts
Here are the current standings with 20 players remaining.

Jerome O'Shea 700000
Dahe Liu 430000
Hannah Tomlinson 400000
Otto Castle 400000
Alexis Savvides 320000
James Tiltscher 255000
Chris Van Kraayenburg 245000
Giovanni Canali 235000
Lior Shabtay 215000
Sandra Reid 192000
Joseph Roberts 190000
James Evans 185000
Ryan Reece 175000
Carmine Kevin Belvedere 175000
James Evans 165000
Robert Tyley 160000
James Conteh 120000
Lee Hanlon 95000
Brett Noades 90000
Shaun Montana 80000
Matthew Buckland 80000
Jitesh Mistry 50000

3:45pm: Latest Fallers
There's nowhere to hide right now with the blinds biting substantial chunks out of all but the elite chip leaders.

The most recent men to be swallowed up and digested by these advancing blinds are:
Brett Noades, Shaun Montana, Marcus West and Patrick Murray.

Good games!

3:20pm: Bridges busts 26th
A day that started so brightly has dimmed considerably for Jonathan Bridges.

After losing out with pocket sevens versus the pocket nines of Chris Van Kraayenburg, his final few chips were thrown in with Q♠3♠ versus Lior Shabtay's pocket sixes.

His hand dominated, the board didn't come to his aid, running out 8♣T♠A♣4♣4♥ to consign him to the list of nearly men with £595 his consolation.


Tumultuous day for tumbling Bridges

3:15pm: Spadijer runs into nuts
Another short stack Aleksandar Spadijer went for a double with 66 but ran into both Alexis Savvides' reshove with king-queen and crucially Hannah Tomlinson's fortuitously-timed pocket aces.

He ended up losing to both players, the board running out Q♥T♥9♥A♣5♠ - Tomlinson winning a huge pot to jump up over 300,000 whilst Spadijer ends up 28th for £535.

Following him close out of the arena was Stuart Snowden, who busts 27th, winning £595.

3:10pm: Sanchini loses head as snowmen melt
A harsh elimination for Olmo Sanchini saw him go toe-to-toe with compatriot Giovanni Canali - holding a crucial advantage with pocket eights versus Canali's sevens.

The board seemed relatively safe till the rivee, peeling off A♠K♣K♦2♠7♥ but that crucial spike sees Canali jump to 110,000 and Sanchini bust.

That crucial and excruciating river card saw the hard done by Italian hit the table with his hand, utter several expletives referencing the faecal matter of a male cow and storm out of the arena.

Bad luck sir - don't forget to collect your £535 for 29th! We continue 28-handed...


Angry Sanchini bounced out

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 4000-8000-1000

3:00pm: Quickfire busts following bubble
No surprise that the bursting of the bubble has precipitiated a rash of eliminations.

Soon following Mike Lee out the door were Darren Fuller and Gary Wilson - the key difference being both secured a payout of £535 for their efforts.

2:44pm: Bubble bursts - Mike Lee crashes out
Mike Lee was sitting with 2 big blinds and looking down the barell so when Matthew Buckland min-raised from the hijack, he vacillated for some time - the rail grew - the clock was called...and he finally made the call for his tournament life.

His reason for these extended deliberations was made plain as he turned over the paltry 2♣3♠ which was live at least versus Buckland's A♠K♠.

The board however failed to provide deliverance - peeling off 4♦9♠8♠Q♣9♣ - Buckland's ace-high good at showdown and Mike Lee becomes the official tournament bubbler.

He was also the last surviving "PokerStars LIVE! at The Hippodrome Casino"-sponsored player. Bad luck Mike.

However that left 31 players with guaranteed remuneration - hooray!

It's fair to say we can expect a number of these to loosen up their raising requirements over the coming hands - expect carnage shortly...


The dramatic moment Mike Lee bubbles

2:30pm: Back for the Bubble!
32 players remain in contention, though one man or lady will be left with a sour taste in their mouth once we have our next elimination.

Jerome O'Shea remains the out and out chip leader following that huge hand with Jonathan Bridges - his stack over 710,000.

The next few hands should prove very interesting...

ukipt cork_day 1a_cards.jpg

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PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT5 Series 2 - London: Rod Stirzaker. Photos by Micky May.

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