UKIPT5 Series 2 London: Day 2 Level 21-22(10000/20000/2000)

6:25pm: Final Table Chip Counts

Here's how they will line up on the final table - Dahe Liu leading the way.

Dahe Liu 1014000
Otto Castle 759000
Alexis Savvides 748000
Giovanni Canali 659000
Jerome O'Shea 572000
Carmine Kevin Belvedere 534000
Lee Hanlon 481000
Ryan Reece 241000

6:05pm:Sandra Reid out 9th - Final Table Set!
Reid has survived some ropey moments in parlaying her initial investment into a 9th place finish but she could go no further than that.

Earlier on when she managed to spin a pittance back into a stack once more - a frustrated Jerome O'Shea (who she rivered in the pot) - let out an exasperated exclamation "Why won't you just die!"

It was uttered in jest, though he was clearly keen on polishing Reid off and finally his wish came true, as he called her shove with A♣K♥ - dominating Reid's sub ten-BB shove with K♦Q♠.

A board of K♠T♥3♣4♦9♣ kept Reid interested till the last but finally she was dusted off - finishing up 9th for £1,310.

And that is our final table set!

We'll have chip counts and player profiles up shortly but for now the players are taking a short break to gather energy before we play out the final. See you shortly.

5:55pm: Buckland perishes in 10th
Matthew Buckland has been patient since having his wings trimmed in unfortunate circumstances (A-K losing out to K-J)

He was to prove unfortunate once more as he went for a double up with K-J and looked in great shape versus Alexis Savvides' K-T.

A board of T♠6♣3♥Q♦T♥ however failed to comply with his desire to double through and he was left victim of one more crucial outdraw - hitting the rail in 10th place for £1,110.

That hand left 9 players still in the running, meaning we are consolidating down to one table - although the official final table will only start when there's 8 players left.

So close now!

5:46pm: Robert Tyley busts 11th
Robert Tyley had less than ten big blinds when he found K♠Q♣ and re-shoved over an opening raise, only for Belvedere Carmine to re-shove behind him.

The opening raiser looked pained but laid his hand down - leaving Carmine to table pocket aces.

The outlook was bleak for Tyley and a bricky board confirmed his demise - he busts 11th for £1,110, Belvedere up to 520,000..

5:35pm: Tiltscher out in 12th
A strange end to James Tiltscher's tournament.

First off Matthew Buckland jammed his shortstack into the middle for 150,000 (less than ten bigs) and Tiltscher folded A-Q offsuit.

His table found this incredible laydown very amusing, Tiltscher defending his play by exclaiming "I don't want to call of half my stack!"

A few hands later he made a raise and picked up the blinds with 9-5os, showing his hand down again and claiming it was his favourite hand.

Finally, he jammed for 150,00 0 on the turn of a 4♥3♠3♣5♦ board, Alexis Savvides making the call with A♥5♥ and winnning on the brick river versus Tiltscher's Q♥2♣ semi-bluff.

Exciting finale but Tiltscher busts in 12th for £990.

5:25pm: Pre-break chip counts
Here's how the players stood at the end of the previous break(eliminated players italicized):

Name Chips Two Tables
Dahe Liu 739000
Giovanni Canali 666000
Alexis Savvides 652000
Jerome O'Shea 581000
Otto Castle 494000
Carmine Kevin Belvedere 448000
James Tiltscher 343000
Sandra Reid 187000
Lee Hanlon 184000
Matthew Buckland 176000
Ryan Reece 157000
Hannah Tomlinson 132000
Robert Tyley 116000
James Conteh 88000


Often pictured stern-faced, O'Shea is more than capable of a smile

5:23pm: Conteh crashes out 13th
A desperate James Conteh jammed his final few chips with T♣5♠ - up against chip leader Dahe Liu's pocket sixes.

A board of 9♠A♣7♦Q♥A♠ saw Liu's preflop equity edge maintained and we lose Conteh in 13th for £990.

5:20pm: Liu doubles Tyley
Robert Tyley just received a welcome boost to his stack - shoving his last 100,000 with A♣K♣ and picking up a quick call from Liu with Q♣Q♥.

The board of 4♥T♣3♠A♥9♣ was great news for Tyley - he wins the flip to spin up to over 200,000. Liu's stack could afford to take the hit and he remains the chip leader.

5:15pm: Tomlinson busts 14th
A frustrating run of cards has seen Hannah Tomlinson bust in 14th for £895, having contended the chip lead earlier in the day.

That leaves Sandra Reid as the sole remaining female player.

5:00pm: Run-in to the final table
With 14 left, the final is tantalisingly close - almost within reach.

Here are the 14 players still contending the title:

There's everything to play for, it's proved very hard to predict just who will rise from the pack and become a force so far in this tournament.

The players are back from a twenty minute break and we are ready to resum. Good luck all!


Leading lady Sandra Reid

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PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT5 Series 2 - London: Rod Stirzaker. Photos by Micky May.

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