UKIPT5 Super Series London Day 1A: Level 9-12 Updates(1,000/2,000/300)

2.05pm: End of Day 1A
As anticipated, the final level played out with chips making frequent journeys from one stack to another. The tournament landscape changed dramatically with numerous stories of heartache and corresponding, although diametrically opposite feelings of elation.

29 players made it through with Rouxel Julien the final leader - his 174,200 good for the chip lead.

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1.48pm: Pay Pal
It seems that's what has been going on recently Rupoom Pal winning a number of pots to find himself the new chip big dog in the tournament.

Irina Nikolaidi was the latest victim to suffer at the hands of the smiling assassin - her jam with A♦Q♣ running into Pal's dominating A♥K♠

"Queen, queen!" urged Nikolaidi preflop more in hope than expectation, yelling out a mild expletive with a smile when the board bricked out T♠8♣2♥7♦8♦.

It was all over for her although like the rest of the eliminees, she has the opportunity to take another shot during one of the two days tomorrow.

It's all coming up rosy for Pal now though as he rises to 140,000 - virtually assured of a day 2 berth now.


Friendly but deadly - Rupom Pal

1.35pm: The last level
It seems scarcely possible we have crammed in an entire 12 levels of play today but in 30 minutes, that will be undeniably the case.

32 players remain, although expect this number to drop dramatically as players take a few chances, not to mention that insidious blind pressure bearing down on the players all the time.
We could well see some interesting twists and turns during the final. The chip lead is up for grabs with plenty of opportunity for the status quo to change, however Frenchman Julien Rouxel leads the way for now.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,000-2,000-300

1.28pm: Leading the charge
Several names have crept out of the shadows to stand at the forefront of the chip counts.
Here's how the big stacks are lining up right now:

Julien Rouxel - 120,000
Daniel Laming - 110,000
Rupom Pal - 110,000
Noel Broadbent - 90,000
Andrew Christoforou - 90,000
Krishna Nagaraju - 90,0000


Julien Rouxel has some ominous towers at his disposal

1.10am: Wilk-come double for Duncan
It's been a grim day of hard poker slog for Duncan Wilkie but he has kept himself in the game by the skin of his teeth and moments ago earned himself a double-through.

Holding A♣K♥ he jammed his 11,700 into the middlw - the big blind eventually making a reluctant call with A♦4♥.

A board of 7♥6♣8♦2♠7♠ saw Wilkie home and dry though a long way from the chip leaders still with 24,000 or so.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 800-1600-200

12.52am: The reaper cometh
It's hard work keeping your poker life intact out there right now. The hefty blinds are ripping chunks out of the players stacks and the wars for their ownership are becoming increasingly vicious.
Here are the latest men to have fallen foul of the poker reaper, his scythe cleaving their hopes and dreams asunder.

Poor fellas! See you tomorrow for more fun!

Christos Kyprianou
Onur Guven
Matas Cimbolas
Philip Gregg
James Copeland
Vasile-Cosmin Stancu
Winston Anthony Cotgreave
Sachin Joshi
Victor Victorovich Ilyukhin
Philippe Souki
Trevor Pearson
David Phelan
Alban Juen
Mark Shepherd
Edgard Cuenca

12.50pm: Squeezing out value
Davide Magnan just executed the perfect squeeze play. After Rapinder Cheema had raised to 2,700 from late position, and Cayetana Pastor Belsue made the call, Magnan assessed both stacks, before firing in a hefty 9,700 re-raise.
A tough bet to simply flat-call, both players were put in a ropey spot here, Cheema making a fold after a few seconds consideration and Spaniard Belsue making an even faster decision to let her hand go.

A satisfied Magnan elected not to show his holding as he swept up the chips, moving to 55,000 neatly without a showdown.

Belsue sits on 25,000 now having mounted a small recovery whilst Cheema's stack is close to the 60,000 average stack mark.


Belsue upwardly trending

12.45am: The field thins, the plot thickens
Over half the field is now propping up the bar, heading home or railing more successful friends at the felt right now.

Just 37 players remain as we speak...

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 600-1200-200

12:30am: Cheema rises further
A limped pot including Rapinder Cheema saw three players see a 7♦2♥4♠ board.

Davide Magnan led out for 1,000, called by two players, including Cheema in position.

The 2♦ on the turn saw Magnan check, the third player do likewise and Cheema throw out a 1,000 chip, check-raised to 3,000 by Magna.
Cheema looked surprised but made the call, the third player laying down his holding.

A further 5,000 on the river from Magnan saw Cheema call - and claim the pot when Magnan showed pocket eights to his A♣2♣ for turned trips.

"I thought you had it," someone said to Magnan, Cheema murmuring "So did I" in assent.

Luckily he was wrong and is now on 58,000.

12.20pm: The home straight
We're back for the final furlong as the last four levels will play out here in London on this opening day of teh UKIPT Super Series.

It's been an interesting day so far, nearly half the 88 strong field shorn away - just 46 remaining as we head into the latter stages. One of those going strong is Rapinder Cheema, winner of UKIPT5 London back in January this year. Rapinder clearly loves playing here at The Hippodrome Casino and has the momentum with him at the moment.

It should be a gripping finale so stay with us as we bring you all the thrills and spills of the remaining levels.


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PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT5 Super Series - London: Rod Stirzaker. Photos by Mickey May.

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