Value of pro coaching? Priceless! (And free)

Way back in the dark and distant days before poker exploded all over TV and the internet, if you wanted to learn how to play you had just a few choices. You could try to find a mentor, someone who was a proven winner and you could ask for some private lessons. For someone new to the game that wouldn't be easy. Or you could buy a big fat teach-yourself poker book. Chances are you'd be in way over your head and there would be no help in understanding the material. Or you could just try to teach yourself through playing and seeing how far that took you.

Then along came that wonderful thing called online poker coaching and here we all are with more learning options than some of us know what to do with. The lure of competition at the tables is so strong that many of us fool ourselves that we are practising and fine-tuning our games at the tables, when what we should be doing is taking a break, absorb new information and concepts, reboot our thinking and playing habits and THEN applying those fresh ideas and techniques in the heat of competitive poker.

Well, imagine you could sit at home or wherever you happened to be, and have live, real-time training from a skilled and proven poker player. Sounds pricey, doesn't it? It's valuable alright, but as a PokerSchoolOnline member it's yours, for free, several times a week, every week. Did you know that? Maybe because it's free some don't get excited about it or see the value in it. If you're in that category then we encourage you to try it and your next opportunity is this very weekend.

PokerStars Team Online Pro Tyler 'frosty012' Frost is the host for this Sunday's Live Training session at PokerSchoolOnline! Tyler found the game via friends at college, caught the bug, got good (really good) and hasn't looked back since.


So if you want to pick up tips from someone who's been there, done it and is still doing it successfully, book your place in Tyler's special session now before it fills up. See you there!

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