Watch highlights of njaguar's win in the Sunday Million

Poker is full of players who like to talk, and talk a lot. While in some cases it bears a direct correlation with the number of chips a player has, it's usually part of the game, and those that do it do so to make things pass, well, more pleasantly. Daniel Negreanu says something along those lines, that it's better to get along with the people at your table that to sit in icy silence.

He's one type of player. Then there are those who talk a lot but who the rest of the table beg not to, muttering away at some injustice. But then there's always something unnerving about the player who talks to himself. Actually this also applies to people in everyday life.

Somewhere in the middle are the players who talk, leaving opponents unsure whether it's a good thing or a bad thing. This happened in Malta, in the EPT Main Event a few weeks ago where Russian player Artem Litvinov announced to his table that they were now playing in teams, with the table divided into two. It was only when he broke out in a big grin that the others realised he was kidding, and they could go back to playing as themselves again.

So what the opponents of njåguar thought at the final table of last weekend's Sunday million is up for debate. But as Kristen Bihr wrote in our report of the final, it was hard to determine whether njåguar was happier to win the $183,000 first prize or have his chat ban revoked, albeit temporarily. Because the effect of that was that he couldn't shut up.


Either way it made for some entertainment (and there's always the mute button). But while he was all talk he was also all poker, putting in a superlative display of big stack play to capture top spot. It's a story you can now watch played out in full in our Sunday Million Highlights show, presented by Nick Wealthall.

That's enough talk. You can watch the final table highlights below, or go directly to

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