Weekend review: Jaka wins holiday cash, Sunday Million deals five ways

The last time we saw Faraz Jaka, he was chilling at the PokerStars party at EPT Prague, all smiles, and not looking like he had a care in the world. The next time we saw him? Just winning the $215 Sunday Second Chance for $35,676. All in a day's work for your man who happily travels the world without a home.


Jaka was just one of the big winners of the weekend who managed to pick up some extra cash for the holidays. If you're looking for someone to send your Christmas wish list, we've listed all of the final table players from the weekend majors here: December 19-20, 2015 PokerStars weekend tournament results

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Meanwhile, the World Cup of Poker came to a close over the weekend. Germany dealt Kazakhstan a defeat, and in turn picked up the World Cup title. Here's the report from the German front.

Over in the bing Sunday majors, folks were feeling especially charitable and agreeable. Both the Sunday Warm-Up and Sunday Million ended in big multi-way deals. You can read the full reports on both by clicking either of the links below.

Sunday Warm-Up: School is in session as hauptschule wins after four-way chop

Sunday Million: Brazil's PLF111 scores $114k after a five-way deal

Don't forget...this coming Sunday, the Sunday Million is worth $5 million as part of the Christmas Festival. Satellites are running now, so don't miss your chance to win a bundle.

Happy holidays!

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