Weekend Review: Servej and Elay99 are the big winners

We start the week in the usual way with a look back at all of the weekend's results.

Weekend highlights

--Servej wins the Sunday Million and a first prize of $173k.
--Elay99 wins the Sunday Warm up, the second biggest payday of the weekend worth more than $64k.
--thnl28 wins the first Common Cents final worth $2,386, from a buy in of just 99 cents.


Round up of latest results

Servej of Germany landed the Sunday Million. As Kristen Bihr reported he was no big stack when he arrived at the final table, but took only a few hands to change that, swinging the proverbial wrecking ball around until the first prize of $173,668 was in his hands.

Meanwhile over in the Warm-Up Elay99 was doing the same, dodging the likes of Mario "Pokerccini" Puccini and Shyam "G's zee" Srinivasan on his way to the title and a first prize of $64,169. David Aydt has the full report, which you can read here.

Here are all of those results in full:

PokerStars Sunday Million results (10-11-2015)
Players: 5,552
Prize pool: $1,110,400.00
Places paid: 810

1. Servej (Germany) $173,668.99
2. EspenasApart (Norway) $129,361.60
3. Pendall (Russia) $91,441.44
4. GET IN LINE (Australia) $62,737.60
5. aviarava (Israel) $47,192.00
6. 42ayay (Sweden) $36,088.00
7. donvito1st (Austria) $24,984.00
8. iTSReTSaM (St. Maarten) $13,880.00
9. ZeroG85 (Finland) $8,883.20

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up results (10-11-2015)
Entrants: 2,447
Prize pool: $489,400
Place paid: 360

1. Elay99 (Sweden) $64,169.59*
2. vladxxxro (Romania) $54,024.21*
3. LoneHixx (Canada) $58,807.93*
4. LuckeLogan (Germany) $28,629.90
5. MaRyJoAnNa00 (Germany) $21,778.30
6. Shyam "G's zee" Srinivasan (Canada) $16,884.30
7. marlin5555 (Canada) $11,990.30
8. williams46 (Switzerland) $7,096.30
9. Mario "Pokerccini" Puccini (Germany) $4,159.90
* denotes a three-way deal

The weekend's top winners

$215 Sunday Million: Servej (Germany) $173,668.99
$215 Sunday Warm-Up: Elay99 (Sweden) $64,169.59
$530 Sunday 500: €urop€an (Finland) $49,748.03
$215 Sunday Supersonic [6-Max]: aiamolinbaby (United Kingdom) $47,339.03
$109+R Sunday Rebuy: 01.e4 (Brazil) $42,770.00
$215 Sunday 2nd Chance: harrrrmonica (Russia) $37,656.00
$109 Sunday Kickoff: Ticiz (Netherlands) $28,000.00
$320 Saturday Super-Knockout: T 54 T 97s (Hungary) $25,959.10
$11 Sunday Storm: CONCRETE1990 (Netherlands) $25,070.68
The Weekender: $530 NLHE [8-Max, 2-Day]: blakjak19 (Cyprus) $20,857.50
$162 Sunday 6-Max: Dönig (Germany) $20,308.17

Click here for all the weekend's major results on PokerStars for the weekend October 10-11, 2015.

Coming up this week

We're still a week away from the start of EPT Malta, so this week will be all about the Knockout Week tournament series on PokerStars. It features 35 online events running from October 12-18, all in the Knockout, Super Knockout and Progressive Super Knock Out formats, including a $500k guaranteed Main Event this Sunday with a buy-in of $215. There are also Knockout Week Challenges, where players can instantly win up to $5k, plus a Leader Board where racking up a lot of knockouts can lead to further bounty prizes and a $10k freeroll.

Did we mention the $5 million guarantee for the series? Discover all the details here.

You don't already have a PokerStars account? Now is the perfect opportunity to get one. You can open your account here.

Tweet of the weekend

No one could accuse Jason Somerville of taking it easy...

In the meantime congratulations to all of the winners from this weekend. Send us your thoughts and comments to us on Twitter: @PokerStarsBlog. And good luck at the tables this week.

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