Weekend Review: Timex wins again; more Spin & Go millionaires

As EPT Malta kicked off this weekend, we made a tiny, forgivable, and not-really-our fault mistake after reporting the results to the €25,000 High Roller.

Mike "Timex" McDonald had to correct us after we checked our records and reported that he'd won a fifth big event in the last four years.

Honestly, we can't be blamed. We see Mike McDonald winner photos in our sleep. We've wallpapered our children's bedrooms with smiling Timex photos in the mere hope that someday they may have McDonald's unsettling glare and uncanny ability to win things. And last year, some bean counter at the PCA mixed up and listed Timex's second place finish as a first place.

So, it's just four major wins. Just four. Just Timex being Timex. Just another day on the European Poker Tour.

Indeed, that was the big story as we barreled so hard into EPT coverage that our servers upchucked all over themselves and then rolled around in their own mess.

That is...it's been a big weekend. Right, Mike?

NEIL5517_EPT12MAL_Mike_McDonald_Neil Stoddart.jpg


So, in an effort to clean things up around here, here are the stories you might have missed.

EPT12 Malta: Mike McDonald back at the top of the podium

Natan Chauskin wins IPT7 Malta2 Main Event from the front

EPT12 Malta side event results

Spin & Gos make third millionaire of the week

EPT Malta Main Event live reports

EPT Malta Single Day High Roller live updates

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Meanwhile, the online weekend majors continued unabated. Below you will find the final table finishes for the Sunday Million and Warm-Up. You can click the headlines on either to read our full reports.

PokerStars Sunday Million results for 10-25-2015
Players: 5,704
Prizepool: $1,140,800.00
Places paid: 810

1. ARTtimeSHOW (Israel) $150,294.11*
2. Nopaleva (Russia) $127,759.28*
3. krasark (Australia) $127,218.24*
4. Wildace_hun (Hungary) $64,455.20
5. gilleschro (Canada) $48,484.00
6. GadMO (Israel) $37,076.00
7. Saitek00 (United Kingdom) $25,668.00
8. dennishtm (Austria) $14,260.00
9. Sly-Snitch (Australia) $9,126.40

*= reflects the results of a three-way deal that left $20,000 in play for the winner

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up results (10-25-2015)
Entrants: 2,295
Places paid: 342
Prize pool: $459,000.00

1. MuckCallOK (Austria) $72,522.00
2. r0ckyd0nky (Germany) $54,469.53
3. v587nt (China) $39,015.00
4. flashdisastr (Luxembourg) $26,851.50
5. marko130754 (Switzerland) $20,425.50
6. eddymaksoud (Lebanon) $15,835.50
7. all in 2526 (Israel) $11,245.50
8. Bunkervogel8 (Germany) $6,655.50
9. minddani (Switzerland) $3,901.50

Want a complete look at all of the weekend results? Here's how every weekend major final table finished at PokerStars on the weekend of October 24-25, 2015.

Now, with all of that sorted, we're going to go seek therapy. Or a shaman. Or maybe both.

Good luck to everyone in the coming week.

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