Weekend Review: Two days of big wins and small wins

While the Sunday Million and Warm Up represent the high point of the weekend's online activities, it's often down in the foothills that you spot some of the stand out performances. So while we'll get to the Million and the Warm-Up in a moment, first a word about what else took place over the weekend.

Let's start with aDrENalin710, who had one of those Midas weekends in which everything he touched (well, a lot anyway) turned to gold. He won the Weekly 8-Game, came second in the Weekly Triple Draw and then won the Weekly HORSE. Nobody would say these were among the biggest events of the weekend (his near triple was good for a little short of $5,000) but it was a feat worth saluting nonetheless.

chip stacks_9mar15.jpg

BOOOMMMM didn't manage quite the same, but did win two events over the weekend, taking down but the Weekly Razz and the Weekly No-Limit Single Draw 2-7. Again, this wasn't for big money but such prowess in different disciplines is always deserving of a hat-tip.

Back to the big events and it was ROMDOM winning the Warm-Up and xKoSSSx the Million.

In the former ROMDOM, a former Sunday Million winner now living in Mexico, took the first prize of $80,234 in a two-way deal with Forz Vaxholm from Sweden. You can read the full report of that event, written by David Aydt here.

Then in the Sunday Million it was Romanian player xKoSSSx finishing ahead of a field of nearly 7,200 players, picking up a first prize of $215,794 after defeating Daralon of Israel heads-up. As Kristin Bihr reported, there was no deal, just a straight race to the finish.

Here are the full results from both events:

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up
Entrants: 2,667
Places paid: 396
Prize pool: $533,400

1. ROMDOM (Mexico) *$80,234.12
2. ForzaVaxholm (Sweden) *$66,451.32
3. remcoow1982 (Netherlands) $44,805.60
4. elhilario (Argentina) $30,670.50
5. scheisserle (Germany) $23,202.90
6. lightshirt (Belgium) $17,868.90
7. Hancock1489 (Russia) $12,534.90
8. pokersoul_AA (Russia) $7,211.56
9. RunLkMercier (Canada) $4,533.90
* denotes two-way deal

PokerStars Sunday Million
Entrants: 7,193
Places paid: 1,080
Prize pool: $1,438,600.00

1. xKoSSSx (Romania) $215,794.70
2. Daralon (Israel) $158,778,28
3. alco555 (Bulgaria) $115,088.00
4. FoxyLisa (Sweden) $76,245.80
5. Savyoni (Israel) $58,982.60
6. faithless (Costa Rica) $44,596.60
7. Alex "Allingomes" Gomes (Brazil) $30,929.90
8. Chris "annouzac" Annouza (Canada) $17,263.20
9. Gratitdude (Estonia) $11,149.15

They were among the big winners this weekend, with the top ten winning pay-outs as follows:

$215 Sunday Million -- xKoSSSx (Romania) $215,794.70
$215 Sunday Warm-Up -- ROMDOM (Mexico) $80,234.12
$530 Sunday 500 -- Staszeq (Poland) $66,081.28
$215 Sunday Supersonic -- Die Ventura (Peru) $53,615.58
$215 Sunday 2nd Chance -- Kleath (Malta) $47,464.00
$109+R Sunday Rebuy -- Geshpanec538 (Russia) $45,225.00
$11 Sunday Storm -- Gehringer_28 (Germany) $27,415.45
$320 Saturday Super-Knockout -- gardze_wami (Poland) $24,305.04
$162 Sunday 6-Max -- Pipedream17 (Canada) $21,349.37
$109 Sunday Kickoff -- 17neffetS_BR (Brazil) $21,199.00
$215 Weekly Turbo NLHE -- Flush_Entity (Canada) $19,013.40

In that list are a few notables. Griffin "Flush_Entity" Benger won the Weekly Turbo, while gardze_wami took down the Super Knockout. There were also wins for dazzy2004, a.S.e. High and heißtercamp. Beyond that list you can find all the weekend's results at the link towards the bottom of this page.

In the real world the LAPT was in Chile over the weekend, with action no reaching Day 2 after three opening flights. Right now it's Javier Venegas with the chip lead. His smiling face adorns the most recent update from Vina Del Mar, with full coverage of everything that's happened on our live coverage page.
Meanwhile on the opposite side of the Pacific the Macau Poker Cup is underway, with coverage also available on the Blog, which you can find here.

Weekend tournament results on PokerStars for March 7-8, 2015

So here to this week's winner, whether they took six figures in the big ones or six figures with a decimal point in something a little smaller. Either is cause for celebration in our book.

That was the weekend. Good luck to everyone at the table this week.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.