What in the hell was Niall Farrell thinking?

Niall Farrell is no donkey. He's just not. He's better than at least 98% of the people I know who play poker.

That's what makes something he did at last year's EPT Barcelona feature table on bubble day all the more confounding. Watching with the cards up, you almost want to grab him by his shirt and scream, "What have you done with Niall Farrell?! What have you done with our boy?! Demons out! Demons out!"

Or, at the very least, a recreational player might wonder, "What in the hell was Niall Farrell thinking?"


That's the question posed in the video below. I mean, any time a player reaches showdown in an all-in pot and asks, "Do I have to show?" you know it's going to be good.

Even better, Farrell isn't afraid to tell you exactly what he was thinking on every street of the hand. He does just that in this video, and when it's over, you'll find yourself saying, "Well, that actually makes sense."

As you head into your weekend, enjoy this moment of "What the hell?" followed by "Ohhhhhh, I see."

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