Win your share of $1 million with Zoom Accumulator

You can play Zoom poker, right? Of course, you can.

Can you win with pocket aces? I bet you can do that, too.

If you answered yes to both of the above questions but haven't yet signed up for the Zoom Accumulator series, you could be missing out on a quarter-million-dollar freeroll.

This week, PokerStars launched the Zoom Accumulator, a chance for you to play a $250,000 freeroll just by doing what would do on any other day.


Here's how it works: you sign up for the Zoom Accumulator in the Challenges window of the PokerStars lobby. After that, you play Zoom poker and try to win with pocket aces. Every time you win with aces, you get 1,000 chips (up to 10,000) added in a June 14th freeroll. Pretty easy, huh?

Well, it won't always be that easy.

After this first week, the challenge will get a little tougher. Next week, you'll have to find a way to win with seven-deuce offsuit. The next couple of weeks will require you to win with kings and queens.

For, now, however, you should be looking for aces and your chance at freeroll riches.

Visit the Zoom Accumulator information page for full details.

Good luck!

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Brad Willis
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