With hours left to play does Ismo<3seppo have the TLB sewn up?

There are just hours left of 2015, plenty of time to make resolutions or plans to see in the New Year as it creeps towards the horizon. But alas not when it comes to changing the standings at the top of the PokerStars Tournament Leader Board. In answer to the question posed in the hedline the answer would appear to be "yes".


This isn't the last update from the 2015 TLB race, but between now and bell later today it looks like one player has the race sewn up. Again. Ismo<3seppo won in 2013, and then did so again in 2014. Unless something miraculous happens in the next 12 hours or so he'll make it three in a row. It has been another stupendous year of, well, winning for the Fin.

Here's how the TLB looks with hours left to play.

PlaceUser IDPointsCountryPrevious PositionRecent Scores
1ismo<3seppo61,859.52Finland13rd Hot $7.50, 3549 players, 636.10 points
2Sifosis58,990.85Denmark22nd $27 20K GTD, 1,461 players, 655.92 points
3Aguskb56,823.30Mexico31st $55 8K GTD, 161 players, 393.29 points
4MARCIN12354,050.64UK43rd $27 20K GTD, 1,039 players, 445.61 points
5markovitsus53,470.41Estonia61st $27 20K GTD, 1,334 players, 889.69 points
6Breakchips52,261.74NetherlandsOutside top 151st $13.50 Knockout, 964 players, 653.73 points, 6th Big $5.50, 8,574 players, 650.26 points
14AsjBaaaf50,803.48New Xealand12 
15Fabaz49,547.02United Kingdom14

The performance of Ismo<3seppo at the top is of course the most obvious story, but there are other remarkable things to note.

For instance the top five players have been in the same positions for weeks, apparently immovable. And while Breakchips has recorded a late run of form to leapfrog into the top ten, having previously been outside the top 15, the names on this list remain largely unchanged.

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On top of that you get an idea of the standard of these players by checking their recent results. A third place here, and second place there, and wins for three of the top six. These players win regularly, and do so when it matters. No wonder things at the top have been pretty static.

But as we said, there are still several hours to play. Who knows what could happen. After that the clock will stop and each player can stop checking the results of others, like some nervous twitch. Although after a year of checking it might take a few days for things to return to normal.

Congratulations to all the players at the business end of the TLB. Check back next week for the final results.

For details of the TLB competition, and the prizes involved, check out the TLB homepage.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.

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