How to make a million dollars

Let's be honest: unless you hold a winning lottery ticket or have carved a life as a business tycoon, getting your hands on a million dollars is a tough task. For most of us it's little more than a perennial pipe dream.

At PokerStars we're offering you the unique chance to turn that dream into reality without having to spend the remainder of your life hunting for buried treasure or pinning your hopes on meeting a wealthy spouse.

So far we've created 155 millionaires, and over the coming weeks we'll be creating 5 more. Not convinced? Then check out this video:

Armed with the combination of your poker skill and a little assistance from the Poker Gods, you could be millionaire number 156...

One of those options is the EPT Grand Final, in which a millionaire is made every year. If you fancy becoming the next Champion, then make sure you check out our Main Event satellites in the 'Live Events' tab of the PokerStars lobby.

But as the old cliché goes: you've got to be in it, to win it, so get yourself over to and explore the available avenues by visiting the PokerStars Makes Millionaires page.


Adam Goulding
@PokerStars in PokerStars news