Your weekend to-do list on PokerStars

To play

Got a favourite Weekend Major? They're all on offer this week, with an addition or two to console a losing streak, or enhance your run good. By that we mean the finale of Knockout Week .

There's a whole lot going on, including ten events spread out over Saturday and Sunday (the schedule for which you can find here). But the highlight is undoubtedly the $215 Main Event, a 6-max Progressive Super Knockout with a $500,000 guarantee, starting at 12.30 ET on Sunday.

knockout_week_16oct15.jpgThe gloves are, well, on...

Not only that, but as the Knockout Week homepage will tell you there are Challenges to complete and Leader Boards to be won. This weekend is your last chance to get in on it. Find all the details here.

If you're looking for live action this weekend, and happen to be at one of two opposite ends of the world, then there are PokerStars events taking place.

Over in Australia the ANZPT festival is taking place at the Crown Melbourne Casino, while in London's West End the UKIPT Super Series event is underway at the Hippodrome in Leicester Square.

And if you can't make it you can at least follow what's going on either down under in Australia or up and over in England, with coverage from each event. Click the links you've just read above to go directly to each event.

To read

We're lucky enough to get a lot of insight into the game from our players, and we're always thrilled when players who win big, either in weekend majors or those during the week, get back to us to talk about the experience from their point of view.

This week we got another treat in the form of Faraz Jaka talking us through his Super Tuesday win from the previous week. Jaka, who corrected our assumption that he lives out of a suitcase (actually two carry on cases), also explained the unusual circumstances regarding where he played the event, explaining each step of the way to his Airbnb roommates.

Faraz Jaka-smiling_16oct15.jpgFaraz Jaka

Read the interview with Jaka for yourself on the PokerStars Blog.

To hear

The latest #EPTNotLive Podcast is available to listen to as you get on with the weekend chores, although we recommend not listening while operating heavy machinery. I'll let team give you the details of this week's show.

"James and Joe try to keep the waffle to a minimum this week, to allow more airtime for their loquacious guest: UK pro Sam Grafton. He's a big part of the latest episode of Shark Cage, so the boys break down the show with Sam, and get his insights into what's good for poker/bad for poker (yes, it's another random game designed and executed by Joe Stapleton). There's also a recap of Joe's trip to Scotland for a comedy charity poker gig (apparently, that's now a thing), including a lesson in how NOT to book a first class train ticket. Plus, Dale Buchanan from Northern Ireland demonstrates his knowledge of Metallica in this week's edition of 'Superfan vs Stapes'. #EPTNotLive"

To listen use your preferred link below:

To watch

Over on you can find the first Episode of Season 2 of Shark Cage. Expect the ridiculous:

To reminisce

Events from Melbourne are getting interesting, but did you know this is the last ever event on the ANZPT? Take a look back through all of our ANZPT coverage for a trip down (under) memory lane.


To put things in perspective

Anyone suffering from a bad beat this weekend would do well to give this article by Felix Schneiders a quick read. In it Schneiders, a member of Team Online, talks about his recent medical problems, but how he's dealing with those just as he might the cards he was dealt in a poker game.

Felix_Schneiders_16oct15_22.jpgFelix Schneiders on the road to recovery

It's been a tough few weeks for Schneiders, but we're happy to report that he's on his way to full recovery, but as far as putting things in perspective go, we're not sure Schneiders could have done it better.

Get well soon Felix.

To celebrate

This week we took a look back at a great night in aid of a great cause. Late last month PokerStars teamed up with Prostate Cancer UK to raise awareness of the condition with a Lads Night In. It raised thousands for the cause with celebrities such as Ray Parlour, Jamie Alderton and Kyran Bracken getting in on things.

selfie_16oct15.jpgRay Parlour, Jamie Alderton and Kyran Bracken having a Lads Night In

Read the story of how the night went, and of how you can still take part and win a trip to the PCA in January.

To look forward to

This time next week the European Poker Tour will be underway in Malta, the second time the Tour has visited the island in the Mediterranean in a little more than six months (we really quite like the place). The action starts on Wednesday with the start of the IPT Main event, with the EPT €25K High Roller getting things started next Friday. As always we'll be on the ground in Malta bringing live coverage every step of the way.

Portomaso_Casino_16oct15_22.jpgPortomaso Casino, Malta

Check out the EPT homepage for everything about Malta, and the rest of the Tour's 12th season.

All that's left to say is good luck at the tables this weekend, whether that's in Melbourne, London, or online. Tell us all about it on Twitter @PokerStarsBlog

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.

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